The enemy of White nationalists.

The visible enemy of the people in any police state, like the UK, is the police. They are the ones carrying out the party’s edicts. They are to be considered traitors because they value their paycheck more than the rights of their fellow citizens.

You don’t see Bill Gates, Barack Obama or George Soros driving around in patrol cars with guns and tazers, do you? You never will. They can always find some whore to do their dirty work. Especially when the press-titudes in the MSM trumpet every pig as a hero.

I found a video for us to analyze. This video is good because it has no sound. I find that the injustice of these makes my heart rate increase. They can hit you, but you can’t hit back. They can lie to you, but lying to a cop is a crime. And so on.

In the big picture, there are several things to see:

1) The negro panics, then all cops rush to squash him.

2) A fat white woman cop holds the driver’s side car door shut.

3) The white driver panics and is then squashed on the ground.

There’s several principles here to see.

1) When there’s a physical confrontation, cops will rush to overpower and outnumber the perp.

2) Cops do not fight fair. They’ll use every trick, including lying, falsifying evidence, fake confessions to get their collar.

3) Their backup will always come from behind you.

4) Do not “hope” for cops to sympathize with you. They are robots carrying out the work of the elites.

If you get busted for anything, even a traffic stop, you’re playing their game on their field. It’s not a good place to fight. As I will continue to harp on, you should always fight in places YOU choose, where you have the advantage, where you do the surprising, and where he is reacting to you.




Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. The above are a few of my mental affirmations. You have to find your own way, but I can offer suggestions.

I prefer it if the other guy feels smart, in control and powerful. Let him get a little overconfident. I’ll play stupid and innocent. I want him comfortable and at ease.

I also prefer to always choose the time and place of the fight. Again, put your strength against the other guy’s weakness. Most of these cops are not the intellectual elite. Most are now ex-Jordies who pulled triggers for the USG in Whateverstan. They just want to get an adrenaline rush and play the hero.

A very good script for revolutionaries is to give them what they want. Give them a guy to beat up on. They’ll rush on in and dog-pile him. Then while they are busy with that, do what you need to.

Speed, surprise, violence of action. Which of these is most important? It’s surprise. All three are designed for surprise. When you surprise the other guy, you win. When he surprises you, you lose. It’s that simple.

The main lesson, and what I wish for all WNs, is to always be on the lookout for cops. Cops are not your friends. They are the attack dogs of the elite. I use alot of repetition in my mental training:

Cops are not my friend…
I have nothing to say…
I don’t consent to searches…
I want my lawyer…

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