German Mainstream Media:  We’re Keeping Greece in the Euro So We Can Seize Her Mineral Wealth!


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October 8th, 2015

*TAP: Trans Adriatic Pipeline

An unbelievably cynical confession made by the German mainstream media, confessed that the international usurers are keeping Greece on life support in the Euro, so that they can successfully seize her natural wealth and Europe’s energy supply!  


“Their hopes for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline are for nothing… only the rich will benefit”

The German mainstream media is using harsh language about Greece remaining in the Eurozone, with a well-known financial website stating Greece’s future in the Euro is necessary, to supply Europe with energy”.

 In a report, the financial website Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten supports that “the rescue of Greece is not a political project” but has to do with natural gas and the European Union’s desire to be freed from dependence on Russia, through the TAP* pipeline which will pass through Greece.

In order to not jeopardize the…

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