Are the Germans waking up to the fact that they were the victims in WW2?


40,000 Germans Demonstrate in Dresden for First Anniversary of PEGIDA

PEGIDA, which stands for ‘Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident’, started one year ago in Dresden. It began very strong, with tens of thousands pouring into the streets week after week. International counterparts quickly sprung up.


PEGIDA was growing by leaps and bounds, reaching record numbers, but things slowed down at the beginning of 2015. Some attribute this lull to the emergence of pictures of founder Lutz Bachmann with a Hitler mustache (as a joke), but the media, politicians, and anti-Whites were also doing everything they could to stop these demonstrations, including calling in a bomb threat at the end of January. This only temporarily took the wind out of PEGIDA’s sails.

PEGIDA was reinvigorated after Angela Merkel opened the borders (and pocketbook) of Germany to hordes of foreign invaders, who have been raping, robbing, and causing complete chaos as they overwhelm German towns and cities. The weekly marches have increased in size, with crowds of around 20,000 people becoming the norm. They are showing their leaders that they will not roll over and welcome this treason. Germany is for the Germans!

German patriots pulled out all the stops for the one year anniversary on October 19th, with an estimated 40,000 people in the streets of Dresden.

Once upon a time nationalists demonstrating in the streets would have had to worry about violent “anti-fascists” (anti-Whites), but those days are long gone. Although there were counter-demonstrations, they were small in size, mainly comprised of pathetic, weak degenerates.

The Germans are no longer accepting the “guilt” that has been enforced upon them for the past 70 years. They will not accept their genocide simply because jews inverted history and made up stories of a “Holocaust” to cover up the crimes of the real Hellstorm. It is rather symbolic that the German phoenix is rising from the ashes in Dresden.

Sure, the leadership of PEGIDA will talk about being anti-Nazi, and they even invited the kosher nationalist Tommy Robinson (founder of the English Defense League) to speak at the rally, but a great number of German people are very aware of who is pushing the “Islamization” of the West. In fact, when average Germans recently saw an actor dressed as Hitler, they were very excited to see the likeness of the Fuhrer. They were taking “selfies” with the man and asking him to bring back the labor camps!


Why shouldn’t Germans celebrate the man who freed their country from depression and degradation, expelled the parasite, and restored honor and dignity to the great German folk?

Stay away from those who inject this hate, this poison into our country.
~ Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere

Why should Germans reject their own natural instincts for self-preservation and instead welcome Muslim men of fighting age who want to rape, pillage, and conquer? The “elite” are frightened, as they know very well what can happen when German people start marching in the streets in large numbers and organizing to defend their interests. The recent mock gallows and stabbing of a pro-invasion politician in Cologne are only the beginning of the worries for those pushing genocide.

People are awakening, questioning history, looking for answers, getting angry, and doing what they can to work toward a better future. The switch has flipped. The economic, cultural, and spiritual rejuvenation of Germany and all of our nations is imminent.


The White race is now going into National Socialist mode, and we will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, our people will not survive.

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