Cultural Marxism aims to destroy the White race.


White Women Can No Longer Experience Rape

Similar to the recent social justice hiccup at Wellesley College, we now find that feminism’s ever-more strident and adversarial rhetoric regarding “privilege” has come full circle.

Recent years have seen several blogs and articles written by women of color,turncoats, and MRA-types about the privileged status of being a white liberal woman in America. Of course, accusations of racist microaggressions were never going to be edgy enough for some. This is why we have “On White Female Privilege” and others now arguing that white women can no longer experience rape.

No, seriously.


I must admit, I’m actually impressed that there exist feminists who apply the concepts objectively. There are feminists for whom the ideal of human equality is more important than concocting an over-elaborate justification for their abortions and/or swarthy lovers. That earns some grudging respect from me.

I’m greatly amused that the groundwork is being set whereby white women become the new focal point of feminist hatred. Knowing how fragile the typical white radfem is, the fallout from such a feminist purge would be a sight to behold.


While I was initially shocked, I have come to realize that this isn’t really all that surprising a development. It was a matter of time before the feminist milieu, a loose coalition of lumpenprole united by their penchant for parasitism, began to see each other as viable hosts.

I will continue to lurk tumblr, r/Feminism and revleft with popcorn ready. As a white, heterosexual male I may not be able to experience racism or rape, my privilege renders me incapable of such things…  But I can definitelyexperience schadenfreude.


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