We are taught we don’t exist
Then told we are to blame,
For all of histories evils
We were the ones to gain.
A privilege of pigmentation
All the colours of our eyes,
The strength to build our nations
For others to despise.

We are taught to hate our ancestors
Then told we must concede,
All that we are proud of
Lost to diversity.
A mixing pot of cultures
Sent to spread across our lands,
As fire takes hold of kindling
It burns our open hands.

We are taught to hate our heritage
Then told to welcome in,
Foreign men and heretics
Who’ve abandoned kith and kin.
In the lands they’ve left behind
Lies their failed society,
Where their women and their children
Are washed up by the sea.

We are taught we must accept this
Then told we have no choice,
To swallow what they’ve told us
That we have no racial voice.
But we will stand united
And meet them face to face,
For we are the only vanguards
Of the European race.

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