Talmudism, Imperialism, Terrorism

By on November 16, 2015

by Taxi — Plato’s Guns Nov 14, 2015

Talmudism, that old desert ideology with its celebration of fire and brimstone and genocide needs to be urgently and openly addressed by concerned citizens and by the global intelligentsia alike.

Evidently, Talmudism is not confined to Judaic orthodoxies, indeed it has infiltrated the three Abrahamic faiths to the core.  It is an arcane ideology that is at war with modern Universalist principles, the very principles that if practiced would naturally lead to peaceful unification instead of the violent segregation of humanity.

Talmudists, be they Jewish, Christian or Muslim, should really all be viewed as members of a single violent cult.  They have everything and more in common with each other and they are currently all participating in steering the world into senseless, cataclysmic warfare.

Jewish Zionism, Christian Zionism and Muslim Takfirism (or Muslim Zionism) – all have been allowed by the world at large, willingly or otherwise, to flourish especially over the past seven decades – since the forced establishment of the state of Israel, to be more precise.  Yes, people in the Middle East and in America were always religious folk, but they were not so radicalized and liberally, openly practicing religious prejudice the way they are nowadays.  It would seem to be the case that the immoral creation of the state of Israel revived with it the decrepit Talmudic desert superstitions and narcissistic tribalism that have directly led to the violence and terrorism we are witnessing today.  Talmudism is now in its most dangerous state:  it has evolved from a hapless fringe sub sect and into a powerful and destructive military instrument hellbent on creating the darkest of shackles for humanity.  Hellbent on ‘cleansing’ the world from its (complex) sins – purging the stains of humanity through merciless fire.

Annihilating populations in the name of religious conformity; mass-murdering in the name of an invisible so-called god.  This is the essence of Talmudism, as a mind-set.

But it’s worse than that.  Now we have secular empires and global politicians (contemporary imperialists) in partnership with global Talmudists – both warring against independent Universalist individuals and institutions that aspire to create an all-inclusive, equitable and tolerant world.

The horrific violence we are all so appalled to witness these days has been caused by this unholy alliance between Western imperialism and global Talmudism as they both seek larger control and subjugation of humanity.

It is by now common knowledge that the Takfiri terrorist army and its sleeper cells around the world are the creation of America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France and the UK.   The blood of the innocent victims of terrorism is on these governments’ hands as much as it is on the hands of individual terrorists themselves.

There should be no differentiation.  Evil is evil is evil.

Civilians need to understand:  voting for Imperialists or Talmudists in shiny suits will continue this nightmare trend that is taking us and the world to a very, very dark future.

The bastards will never willingly give up their seats of power.  They must be expelled.  By ballot box or by revolution they absolutely must be expelled.

And if we do not expel them, we have no right to complain about terrorism.


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