The Unmagnificent Seven: Naming ISIS Allies

By Taxi — Plato’s Guns Nov 17, 2015

I-096 Anti-War
The Mainstream Media is doing all it can to avoid addressing the obvious:  naming, dissecting and damning ISIS’s major backers and supporters.  There are no such informative and sanguine reports being penned or published by the elite media; they are instead too busy gatecrashing the funerals of the fallen, wiping errant tears and taking selfies.
As usual, wilted pathos and not sound reason is what’s being fed to the public after yet another  horrific series of terrorist attacks.

But in this advanced age of the internet with its endless information highway, this will simply not do.  Consumers of news on terrorism – which is practically most of humanity – would greatly benefit from learning the identities of the wizards behind the ISIS curtain.  The MSM is not providing this vital service – this therefore leaves the burden of dissemination on the thin shoulders of private citizens and their blogs.
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, America, France and the UK.  The Unmagnificent Seven.
This is the duplicitous, mass-murdering mafia that is in fact behind the rise and hectic spread of ISIS and its Takfiri Hydras.  Every single terrorist act committed by ISIS terrorists was made possible by the dark generosity and political perversions of the Unmagnificent Seven.  None of these conspiratorial nations are fighting terrorism, as they claim – they are instead willfully and covertly creating terrorism to advantage their mega global power grabs – using our tax dollars, no less.  In other words, we are today unknowingly paying for our own eventual slaughter by terrorists.
Unsurprisingly, the diabolical plan has gone awry.  ISIS, a hired executioner has turned on their paymaster’s children and a river of innocent blood has been spilled.  Worse than that, non of the Unmagnificents know how to halt their Takfiri Frankenstein as intelligence reports indicate more terrorism on soft civilian targets would continue to periodically erupt, even increase in number and scope.  Baghdad, Beirut and Paris yesterday – Washington tomorrow, ISIS is now promising.
This is a very serious problem.  Especially that our Mainstream Media is not addressing and exposing the perpetrators and enablers of ISIS who walk our global halls of power.  The MSM is not informing their readers of the crucial facts at hand – information that, if known by the masses could conceivably block any further expansion of terrorism.  Instead, the cynical MSM is blindsiding readers with much pathos and Kabukian eulogies for the victims of terrorism:  distracting and creating safe cover for the elite architects of the mayhem and destruction in the Middle East that has indeed boomeranged and brought wanton terrorism to major world cities.
Terrorism with no end.  This is what the maleficent Seven have created with their proxy army of Takfiris.  Insatiable terrorism is what they’ve literally dumped not just on the Middle East, but on the laps of our own cities too.  Begs the question here therefore:  are the charmless leaders of these seven nations reliable candidates who can effectively address the problem of global terrorism and find an effective solution to it?  The reasonable answer to this question is a decisive ‘no’.  The Unmagnificent Seven are not the saviors of the world – rather, they are its destroyers.
By now, we surely have learned that some governments do not actually fight terrorism – ours certainly doesn’t – it spends billions of dollars on merely pretending to.  We cannot therefore realistically depend on our government’s double-agenting narcissism to protect us.  Neither can millions of other citizens in other countries, respectively.  It’s a global issue, this crisis of leadership that humanity is currently suffering from.  Our politicians and their propensity for corruption have profoundly failed us and put us all in extreme danger.  If there is real desire on the part of world citizens and peace organizations to stop global terrorism, it is imperative that they first name and hold the Unmagnificent Seven to account.  They must demand all forms of aiding and abetting of terrorists be instantly stopped by these seven respective governments.  They must insist on a total overhaul of these nations’ Middle East policies.  Without this achieved by activists first, nothing will change.  Nothing.
Without taking this activist path, we will live and die with terrorism – and so will our children and our children’s children.
Distinctly, a civilian’s war against terrorism is two-pronged.  A war against violent religious extremists of all flavors and color.  And a war against violent extremist politicians in power.
Re-establishing a sure and solid separation between religion and state must be a focal point for the collective citizenry.  The issue of separation of religion and state has been much blurred since the soaring tragedy of 9/11 and its regrettable global consequences thereafter.  It is impossible to successfully progress the war against terrorism without this issue being highlighted and redressed in public before our next elections.  Ideologues should be ejected from political office by conscientious voters.  Ideally, ideologues should be banned from holding political office altogether.
The pertinent point here is that no one connected to extremism or to terrorists should be handed, by us, the responsibility of protecting us and the homeland in any capacity.  Any politician who is entrenched in the status quo must be viewed with eternal suspicion and vociferously, publicly vilified for their utter incompetency that’s bordering on treason.  In approximately one year, a new American president will be elected.  A new SuperPresident of the world will be projecting his or her quirky world view upon the global masses.  It is therefore incumbent upon the informed citizenry to use all resources at their disposal and spread the facts about the real source and causes of terrorism to the voting masses.  This is a much needed service for humanity that the MSM will predictably fail to provide for voters in the lead up to the next elections.  It falls on us citizen-activists therefore to educate and inform.  World War Three here is at stake and we have no other choice presently but to get organized and mobilize as of today and ahead of the elections.  Locally, nationally, globally – in actual reality and in virtual reality.  We can make a difference if enough of us participate in the shaping of the new-new world order that’s imminently upon us.
This is not just the age of terrorism, this is also the golden age of mass activism.
…  By the grace of the internet – the ultimate unificado and weapon of the people.



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