People Jumping to their Deaths in WTC is a Lie – Murdered By Israeli Demolition Charges


People Jumping to their Deaths in WTC is a Lie – Murdered By Israeli Demolition Charges

It was the Zionists who set the demolition charges that led to the destruction of the World Trade Center. It is also they who made a big play for the claims that victims of the detonations, essentially committed suicide. This was, these criminal minds claim, by purposely jumping from the windows. Instead, as this evidence will demonstrated, they were blasted out: by murderous arch-Zionist demolition charges.

None of the narratives offered by the Zionists can be trusted, for instance, the claim that this mass slaughter was perpetrated by Muslim people. It was entirely the opposite. It was Islaam’s enemies which committed this act:

5 dancing Israelis

A group of these known Israeli mass murderers is seen, here:


Shmeul, Ellner, Marmari, and their ilk came to this country illicitly. Then, they slaughtered a number of American citizens, among others. No one did anything about it. Rather, these criminal minds were given a free pass, so they could continue their treachery, in this case against the Palestinian people. Instead of imprisoning and bringing to justice these destructive ones they were let go, shipped back to the Zionist strip.

As a consequence of the criminality of 911 who was attacked and slaughtered instead? It was innocent, defenseless Islaamic, as well as Christian, people. The actual perpetrators, the ones responsible for placing the bombs and exploding them, killing thousands of people, have never be held to account.

This must be done. Those criminal minds must thoroughly be exposed.

There can be no doubt regarding the degree of their crime. Yet, even in the purported 911 research community there are those who dispute it. Moreover, there are those who claim that there were no deaths in this destructive act. This is a fabrication. There were multiple deaths, the exact number not being fully known. The attempt to diminish this is a Zionist plot. The Zionists are doing all that is possible to diminish the culpability of their acts, which amount to malicious, premeditated mass murder.

This does not mean there weren’t fakers and fabricators: crisis actors playing a role. As people were dying there were others who would seemingly fake their injuries for the desired effect.

Yet, these Israeli spies, among others, were low-level players. King-pins of the crime include arch-Zionist mole Larry Silverstein, along with B. Netanyahu. It was they who were the primary coordinators of the Israeli spies responsible for setting, as well as detonating, the explosive charges.


Too, it would be difficult to find a more rabid Zionist mole as Jerome Hauer, a terminally corrupt one who headed the Office of Emergency Management at the time of this fraud:


It was he who heaped vast blame on a man who had nothing to do with the crime, Usama bin Laden, setting the stage for a murderous campaign: the relentless US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Cross-dresser R. Giuliani also played as an essential role, as a cover-up and distraction agent.


The above video amounts to hard proof of the nature of the Israeli crimes, that is their great corruption and tyranny against the people of the land, their rabidness, their absolutely rogue nature.

There was no escape. Silverstein had shuttered the doors to the roof. It would have complicated issues for the Zionists if living people would have been on the roof. They would have had to have attempted rescues, and these hideous ones were not prepared to do so.


These people are holding on for dear life and are merely attempting to get away from the danger: fire, concussive charges. Concussion is right, and that is the effective they had on inanimate matter and also human flesh. Regardless, no one is jumping. Who would do so willingly? People are looking down, wondering if there could be any rescue. There could be no rescue. The Zionists fully intended to blow the buildings to smithereens, regardless of the degree of butchery at hand.

They could not hold on for long. Silverstein and his collaborators were systematically detonating the charges. Those charges could not explode on their own. It had to be done electronically, through the physical pressing of detonator charge buttons or devices, although some of these charges could also be on a timer. Yet, still, it was humans who would have to set those timers:

detonatorleblasterIIc4download (11)

Caption: a sophisticated remote detonation system, along with C-4, military-grade demolition charges.

While people were fully trapped, demolition charges were being set continuously, including those set and detonated by Israeli criminals. Note the area circled in red. At that point the charge had not been initiated:


Suddenly, a charge is set, which blows out laterally. How could this have anything to do with a ‘plane strike?’ This charge is exploding from inside-out. By the laws of physics there can only be one conclusion, which is that this explosive entity was pre-set, placed in the buildings.


The setting of these charges is associated with a most dire issue, which is the fact that there were people in the building in close association with the detonations. They could not escape, as the escape routes had been largely blown to smithereens. At this point there is a man close to a window, though he can be barely seen, in the middle of this frame.


Here are additional frames proving the nature of the demolition, that this was an implosion, not an explosion, and that this was the result of premeditated acts, ones that would clearly lead to the murder of the innocent:


Imagine if people were in the area of that detonator charge. They would be blasted about by the force of impact, killed immediately. This is the first time in history that a demolition was set in a building still occupied by people. What an arch-criminal clique it is. Only the vile, terminally corrupt Zionist crime syndicate could achieve it. They did so through the distraction of Islamic terror and through the gullibility of the goyim and their propensity to hold to such a fraud.

Here is the man attempting to escape the horror, holding on in a most incredible way to the outside flashing of the building.


See the explosive nature of these charges as they are set, ejecting matter in a trajectory that would be expected, entirely laterally:


CAPTION: the ejection of heavy matter laterally is hard proof of the setting off demolition charges

It is powerful enough to eject raw concrete and steel hundreds of feet straight into the air. What would this do to human flesh?

Above this, it can be seen that there is a man, there, hanging on for dear life. He is outside in the attempt to escape the bombs and also the acrid, suffocating smoke. By no means is he attempting to jump to his death. This jumping to the death was invented by the Zionist-controlled media to, once again, control the narrative.


It is too late, though, for this horrified individual. The Zionist-installed, arch-Jewish bombs would soon destroy him.  Meanwhile, he is doing all that is in his power to save his own life. Yet, the Zionists and their cohorts are attempting to claim that no one died, and no one was injured: that it was all a fake.

Now, charges are beginning to detonate all about him. See how he is hanging on and how he is using the platform as a strut, how he has extended his leg to it while he, incredibly, hangs on to the side of the building.


He has as a result of those detonations lost his grip and is only hanging on by a mere hand and single arm:


The power of the blasts are too much for this man attempting to save his own life. As a consequence, he loses his grip and begins to fall: to a the most horrific death conceivable:




The grip he has is by one arm, pointed out by the arrow.


Those are lateral blasts, make no mistake about it. The nature of this man’s attempt to save himself are made clear by the above image.

He lost his grip and now begins to fall:


He was blasted to his death by the Zionists. By no means did he merely jump in an attempt to quickly end his life. Why would he do so? No one was in that building to commit suicidal acts.


It was the Apartheid, terminally rabid Zionist Jews who committed 911. Moreover, no one can demonstrate otherwise.


They thought they could get away with it, laying vast false blame on the Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. They have gotten away with nothing. Gradually and systematically the world is beginning to know the growth, which is the fact that the real enemy of this human race is that rogue element, that murderous cabal, Zionist Jewry.


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