This queen knew the truth.


“Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome plague within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

Queen Maria Theresa

40 year reign / Sovereign of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria and Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands and Parma


Now, 230 years later …
Chairman of the Federal Reserve: Ben Bernanke (Jewish), just replaced by Janet Yellen (Jewish)
Ben Bailout Bernanke printed funny money like it was going out of style!
New Jewish Fed Chair Janet Yellen is just as bad as Ben.
The prior THREE chairmen of the Federal Reserve: Alan Greenspan (Jewish) – Paul Volcker (born to Jewish mother (Klippel) /raised Lutheran) – Arthur Burns (Jewish)
Alan Greenslime (1987-2006) He created the catastrophic housing bubble.
Paul Volcker (1979-1987) He once said “American must accept a reduction in their living standards.”
Arthur Burns (1970-1978) President Nixon feared him.
Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve: Stanley Fischer (Jewish). His predecessor was Janet Yellen (now the Jewish Chair). Her predecessor was Donald Kohn (Jewish) 
*Together with the US Fed Chief and the NY Fed, the Vice Chairman of the Fed holds permanent voting power regarding Fed policies. The symbolic regional Fed Chairs (Denver, Dallas, Kansas City etc.) only hold rotating minority voting power. Those powerless branches are given to figurehead Gentiles to “run”.)
Fischer & Kohn
The Secretary of the US Treasury is Jack Lew (Jewish). The Director of the Congressional Budget Office is Doug Elmendorf (Jewish. The Director of the IRS is John Koskinen (Jewish) — whose predessor was Douglas Shulman (Jewish).
Lew, Elmmendorf, Koskinen, Shulman

Legendary White Collar Criminals: Bernie Madoff – Jack Abramoff – Mikhail Khodorkovsky



Jewish Mobsters were much more powerful than the Sicilian mob ever was. Above: Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel.


It looks as if Queen Maria was on to something!

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