White hating Antifa celebrate the murder of a 17 year old German boy who was killed by Muslims in Bonn

Germany: Antifa Parties at Memorial of Boy Killed by Moslem Gang


In the German city of Bonn on May the 14th, a memorial was held for a murdered 17 year-old German boy.

Niklas, the murdered boy, was beaten by a gang of 3 Middle Easterners on Saturday May 8th, at 12.20 AM. He survived the attack, but was in critical condition and later died from his injuries.

The police handed out flyers in German, Arabic, and Turkish which described the killers as having “dark skin“, “brown skin” and “black hair.”

This is what seems to have offended Antifa (so-called anti-facists) so they went to the memorial and held a party there.

“Hundreds of them fancy having a party here” said a man who was filming the memorial.

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