Dangerous and violent Leeds sex offender jailed for life Hubert Duffus.

Hubert Duffus.TONY GARDNER 00:00Monday 15 August 2016

A DANGEROUS and violent sex offender has been jailed for life for subjecting a man who befriended him to humiliating sexual and physical abuse. Hubert Duffus was told he it was likely he may never released from custody unless he is no longer considered a danger to the public. Duffus subjected his victim to degrading attacks over a two-week period before he was arrested in November last year. Leeds Crown Court heard Duffus had nowhere to live after being released from prison but befriended the vulnerable victim who allowed him to share his flat in Wortley, Leeds. A jury heard Duffus immediately took over the flat and began to physically and sexually bully the victim. During a trial the victim described how he was forced to shave off his body hair during the prolonged period of abuse. He also spoke of being “owned” and being made to sleep on the floor of the flat. Duffus, of no fixed address but formerly of Sholebrook Place, Chapeltown, was found guilty of rape, attempted rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and two offences of sexual assault. He has previous convictions for sexual and violent offences dating back to 1985. Duffus was jailed in 1993 for similar serious sexual offences. He also received a six-year sentence in 2007 for a knife-point robbery of a taxi driver. Judge Rodney Jameson, QC, said: “During the trial you showed yourself to be a volatile man, if that is not already evident from your convictions. “You had a number of explosive loses of temper.” The judge added: “You simply do not believe anything you have ever done amounts to sexual assault. You believe what you did was entirely proper and appropriate. Self-evidently it is not. “You plainly have no remorse.” Doctors assessed Duffus as posing a serious risk of causing serious harm to other men in the future and that his behaviour “may never alter”. Duffus was told he must serve a minimum of seven and a half years in custody before he can apply for parole but was warned he may be behind bars for many years. He was also told he must go on the sex offender register for the rest of his life. Detective Chief Inspector Mark Griffin of Leeds District Police, said: “Hubert Duffus is a violent man who thought nothing of raping, sexually assaulting and stealing from his victim. “The sentence handed down to him is a reflection of the seriousness of his offending and should act as a warning to others. Duffus now has time inside to consider the consequences of his actions.”

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