Christian woman in final appeal to avoid being HANGED in Pakistan for SPEAKING to a Muslim

Asia Bibi wearing a headscarf and hangman's nooseSOCIAL JUSTICE CONNECTION/GETTY

Asia Bibi is likely to be hanged within 30 days of the verdict

Asia Bibi, 50, has been on death row in Punjab since she was accused of blasphemy for getting into a disagreement with a Muslim woman seven years ago.

The two women were working in a field when the Muslim woman refused water from Mrs Bibi from the well on the grounds it was unclean because it had been handled by a Christian. But Mrs Bibi defended herself, saying Jesus would have had a different view on the situation.

Her lawyer, Khalil Tahir Sindhu, said: “She has not seen the sun or the moon this year.”

Mr Sindhu said despite the death sentence Ms Bibi has resisted multiple attempts to convert to Islam while she has been incarcerated.

She is likely to be hanged within 30 days of the verdict if her last appeal fails.

Mr Sindhu said: “She is very, very strong in her faith. There were so many attempts to convert her but she said ‘No – I will remain faithful to Jesus Christ’ and she has remained faithful.”

Asia Bibi's husband and daughters GETTY

Mrs Bibi’s husband warned her daughters not to go outside for fear they would be killed

Asia Bibi's daughters Esha and EshamGETTY

Mrs Bibi’s daughters Esha and Esham visit their mother regularly in prison

In 2010 two prominent Pakistani politicians were assassinated after they publicly defended Mrs Bibi and the lawyer has faced threats for defending his client.

Mr Sindhu said: “Pray for her and pray for me because anything could happen to me. But I’m ready to pay the price and I’m carrying the cross.”

Mrs Bibi’s daughters Esham, 18, and Esha, 17, have travelled twice a month to visit their mother in Multan Jail ever since she was first imprisoned.

Asia Bibi's husband Ashiq MasihGETTY

Asia Bibi’s husband Ashiq Masih has said that there is a bounty on his wife’s head

Esham said: “We talk to our mama about the things at home. I share my thoughts with her, like mother-daughter stuff.”

She added the visits begin joyfully but end each time with grief. She said: “She becomes sad… her daughters come to meet her from such a long distance and she cannot even hug them.”

Esha, who suffers from mental and physical disabilities, currently lives with their father Ashiq Masih along with her sister Esham. In the wake of the assassinations of the politicians who defended Mrs Bibi the family were forced to stay indoors, living in fear for their lives.

A campaign poster to free Asia BibiGETTY

A worldwide campaign to free Mrs Bibi has fallen on deaf ears

Asia Bibi's husband Ashiq MasihGETTY

Ashiq Masih has been left to care for their daughter Esha who is mentaly and physically disabled

Esham said: “Papa used to tell me not to go out, the situation out there is very bad. We used to stay inside all the time. Someday someone will come and ask me, ‘Are you the daughter of Asia Bibi?'”

Mr Masih has said that even if his wife is released, there is a bounty on her head so their lives could never return to how they once were.

Pakistan is among the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians to live in. Mrs Bibi will become the first woman in Pakistan to be lawfully executed for blasphemy if the death penalty is carried out.

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  1. Jay says:

    My prayers are with this Christian lady and her family . Christians are persecuted in Pakistan for years together . May God save her child from death as He saved Daniel from the lions .

  2. homerbuford says:

    How many white Christians are this strong? RVSP.

  3. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.

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