Taxpayer-funded ‘anarchist’ PhD student ‘helped start fires at Calais Jungle migrant camp’


We must remember these traitors…James Ellison

AN ACTIVIST who is believed to be a part of the group which allegedly caused fires at the “Jungle” migrant camp in Calais is a UK taxpayer-funded PhD student writing a thesis on anarchism.

PUBLISHED: 01:17, Sun, Oct 30, 2016 

Fire in Calais Jungle camp - James EllisonFACEBOOK•GETTY

James Ellison, accused of starting fires in Calais, is a PhD student at Loughborough University

James Ellison, 27, is allegedly part of the “No Borders” anarchist group, which is accused of stirring up trouble as the sprawling camp was cleared away last Sunday.

The academic, who has previously written a theses on feminism and “colonial politics”, is on a PhD programme at Loughborough university – which UK taxpayers fork out for.

On the university’s website, his thesis – titled “On the boundaries of the state: visual representations of border violence in Calais, France” – is described as a “critical assessment” of reporting of the northern France migrant shanty town.

I’d like to say, don’t just let the children in, let everyone in

James Ellison

But until two days ago, the description allegedly described Mr Ellison as an “activist” who “through involvement with freedom of movement struggles in Calais… has witnessed first hand the ensuing border crisis and human emergency as it has increased over the last 4 years.”

It allegedly continued: “All of this experience has fed into his research and James has become directly involved with documenting police and fascist violence in Calais.”

“He has also helped establish social media groups that have become instrumental in coordinating material support and volunteers in Calais.”

james ellisonFACEBOOK

James Ellison has written theses on feminism and ‘colonial politics’

The section was later reportedly deleted.

The academic received a scholarship from the Midlands university’s School of the Arts, English and Drama to the tune of £14,296, as well as covering tuition.

Mr Ellison is also allegedly the administrator of the pro-migrant Facebook page “Calais migrant solidarity (No Borders)”.

He has allegedly written posts on social media in support of migrants, urging followers to “let everyone in”.

He reportedly wrote earlier this month: “I’d like to say, don’t just let the children in, let everyone in.


Demolition began on the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais last Sunday

“It doesn’t matter how f*****g old they are!”

The Government’s decision to accept child migrants from the camp earlier this month sparked fury after facial recognition technology showed those arriving at a holding in centre in Croydon appeared to be up to 38-years-old.

Two anonymous foster parents who have taken in some of the “children” from Calais revealed the migrants often asked for a shaving razor.

Mr Ellison last night said in a statement from his lawyer: “I am not currently in Calais nor have I been there for nine months.

“I find the scenes of the camp on fire and its destruction distressing.

“My role in ‘No Borders’ is as administrator for a Facebook Group.

“I am not responsible for organising any of the protests that have occurred.”

He added: “I do not believe that all ‘No Border’ activists are violent nor do I believe that they were responsible for the fire and destruction of the camp.

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