Slaughter in the Playground


Introduction — Nov 6, 2016

Rami Abdul Rahman at work in Coventry, england.

We only had to see the headline to know that this was the latest highly questionable report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Under normal circumstances we would happily ignore it. If only because so many of SOHR reports are never subsequently confirmed and remain entirely uncorroborated.
Despite that however, SOHR reports are cited extensively throughout the Western corporate media. This latest SOHR is carried by among other the Daily Mail, Reuters, the Daily Mirror, Agence France Press and the Gulf News. The latter report implying that President Assad loses little sleep over these alleged atrocities.
In other words the SOHR regularly produces reports that provide grist to the media propaganda mill against Syrian President Assad.
A week before the SOHR had released another similar report, although thatparticular report claimed that the casualties resulted from an air strike by President Assad’s air force.
Thing is, the SOHR is based in Coventry, England, and it’s run by one man. Although Rami Abdul Rahman is Syrian he hasn’t been back to his homeland in nearly 20-years. Yet he is the foremost source cited by most of the world’s media for information on events on the ground in Syria.
In this latest SOHR bulletin Sami Abdul Rahman reports on how President Assad’s forces are deliberately targeting “nursery schools” in Damascus.
Like most other SOHR reports it portrays the Syrian government and their Russian allies in a negative light. Abdul Rahman cites as the source for his report as “local sources”, no names, no IDs, nothing. Meaning that the report could have originated with the Syrian opposition or their covert benefactors in the West.
Either way it bears the hallmarks of contrived propaganda: with emotive and maybe staged photos of injured children, complete with blood-smeared toys and playrooms. The object being to appeal to readers’ emotions rather than their reason.

 Slaughter in the playground: Six young children are killed on a break between lessons as ‘President Assad’s troops’ bomb a Syrian nursery school

Sarah Dean for Mail Online and Reuters — Nov 6, 2016

Six children have been killed and dozens more injured after a nursery school in Syria was barbarically bombed, reportedly by forces loyal to the regime.

The children were peacefully playing during their first break of the day when government forces launched mortar rounds at their nursery.

Heart-wrenching photos from the scene show young children covered in blood in the rebel-held city of Harasta, a rural suburb of the country’s capital, Damascus.

One boy winces in agony as a doctor checks his heart. Another injured girl looks vacantly into the camera after suffering an assault too horrific for words.

The toys the children were playing with are left strewn across the tiled floor which is splattered with blood.

Boy winces as he recieves treatment at a medical facility in opposition controlled suburb in Damascus. Click to enlarge


Blood stained floor of a kindergarden following the shelling. click to enlarge

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said 17 people, most of them children, were injured in the shelling.

Local reports claim forces loyal to the government fired artillery that hit the kindergarten at around 10am local time.

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