The traitor and his pets

Meet Aodhan O’Riordain. This creep is a well padded Senator in Seanad Eireann ( Ireland’s Senate ). It seems that the election of Mr. Donald Trump to the presidency of the USA has caused Aodhan to have sleepless nights. Nope, he’s not fantasizing about “getting it on” with Mr. Trump –  though he might be 🙂  LOL.

traitor_Here’s O’Riordain in all his loony leftie glory.

Apparently this creep was “disgusted” because some of the politicos in the Irish parliament were sending congratulations to Mr. Trump on his victory. During his diatribe O’Riordain cryptically said, and I quote, “The only way evil can prosper if for good men to do nothing.“

He then followed it up with this gem:

“America has just elected a fascist, and the best thing that good people in our government can do is to ring them up and ask him if it’s okay to still bring the shamrock on St. Patrick’s?“

Is it my imagination or does O’Riordain sound like a butt-hurt faggot? LOL 🙂 But he had more to spew:

“And I don’t use the word fascist lightly. What else would you call somebody who threatens to imprison his political opponents? What else would you call somebody who threatens to not allow people of a certain religious faith into their country? What would you say or how would you describe somebody who was trying to deport 10 million people, or say about somebody who says that the media is rigged, judiciary is rigged, the political system is rigged, and then he wins an election. “

Well I’d say Mr. Trump is telling the truth. But being your typical scumbag leftie politico O’Riordain shrinks away from the truth like Dracula from a crucifix.

I assume the traitor O’Riordain is referring to the comment made by Donald Trump during the second TV debate when he said that if he was in power Hillery Clinton would be in jail. Since there is ample evidence that Clinton is indeed a criminal then he is correct but O’Riordain thinks that putting a proven criminal behind bars is a fascist act. Clearly this idiot of a senator does not understand the meaning of the word but like all loony leftie faggots he prefers to use trigger words instead of logic.

Apparently he then banged on about how the Irish government was wrong to send it’s diplomatic statement to Trump and then goes into how we all feel right now, across the world—watching England and America “echo” the 1930s.

Let me tell you Mr. Traitor O’Riordain even though in your over inflated ego you imagine you speak for the rest of the world, YOU DON’T. You are a midget sized idiot and you should be thrown out of the Irish Senate as a traitor to our country.

As a loony leftie, O’Riordain is of course totally in favour of the destruction of Ireland via mass invasion from Africa and Asia. He is quoted here saying:

“…For instance, the Department of Justice could introduce legislation to make racism an aggravating factor in sentencing. We could resource our city and county enterprise boards to target funds and supports to immigrant entrepreneurs and we could remove the many barriers that migrants have to overcome to enter the teaching profession. These are just a few cost neutral initiatives which the Government could undertake.“

Yes this piece of trash is so concerned about his negro and muslim pets that he wants to make it easier to punish the Celtic People of Ireland if they so much as utter one “racist” word to the invaders thus showing the usual leftie attitude to freedom of speech. And this creep has the nerve to call Donald Trump a fascist?

Meanwhile two of his invader pets are up on charges of imprisoning a young Celtic woman.

As reported here:

TWO YOUTHS HAVE been charged with false imprisonment of a teenage girl in Dublin.

As in the US, the words “youths” is always used to refer to negros when they commit crime.

The boys, both aged 17, were arrested last week following the alleged incident in north Dublin last Thursday. A judge was forced to call a recess during a hearing yesterday when one of their mothers began screaming and threw herself onto a courtroom floor.

As you can see these “boys” were obeying there genetic programming which tells them to rape as a matter of course. We are told that the mother began screaming and threw itself on the floor of the courtroom. Sounds like the acts of a child but then I remind myself negros are essentially child-like. That is the reason they never managed to get out of the stone age in Africa and why they simply cannot function in a Western Society. We only need to look at the crime figures for negros in the US: They comprise 13% of the population but commit circa 80% of the crime.

The two teens, who cannot be named because they are minors, faced their second hearing yesterday when they were brought to appear before Judge John O’Connor at the Dublin Children’s Court.

So we are not allowed to find out the names of these two “enrichers” because they must be protected.

“The youth, who has been denied bail, has an address in a London suburb. He was further remanded in custody to appear again in two weeks. His mother has come over from the UK and listened to the proceedings with the assistance of an interpreter.

So what was this “child” doing in Ireland if it’s mother was living in England?

She began howling and wailing during the proceedings and flung herself onto her knees as her son was further remanded in custody. Her cries could be heard outside the courtroom and the judge left the bench after she threw herself onto the floor. She was then escorted out of the courtroom and waited outside for a number of minutes where she lay on the floor screaming.

As I say typical child-like behaviour. I bet the mother kept howling, “Dat boi dindu nuffins. He beez a gud boi and is goin to schooo”.  LOL 🙂

His co-defendant who is on bail has an address in Ireland and was ordered to appear again in four weeks. He appeared in court with his father who also required an interpreter.

Yes well negros are not known for their linguistic skills. They never even came up with a system of writing in the hundreds of thousands of years they tramped around Africa.

So there you have it dear readers. The traitor O’Riordain calls President elect Donald Trump a fascist but has no comment on the behaviour of his African and Asian pets.

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