Home of ‘Jo Cox’s killer’ was filled with far-Right literature

Introduction — Nov 21, 2016

Like the Syrian White Helmets, a cause that Jo Cox loudly supported, the case against her alleged murderer begins to look entirely fabricated
The picture painted by the prosecution in the trial of Thomas Mairs, the alleged killer, is so different from the accounts of his family and neighbours that either they are not talking about the same person. Or he’s being set up for the murder of British MP and activist Jo Cox.

Jury were told Mair had a Third Reich eagle on the top of his bookcase, with books on Goering, Himmler, the Third Reich and Fascism in Britain. click to enlarge

Now the trial of Thomas Mair is being told his home was packed with far-right literature and decorated with swastikas and Nazi memorabilia. His bookcase was topped with a Third Reich Eagle ornament and inside were books with titles like: “March Of The Titans: A History Of The White Race”.
In essence the prosecution is painting a picture of a classic lone nut killer and a white supremacist to boot.
Trouble is this is completely at odds with what his family and neighbours say. According to 62-year-old Kathleen Cooke, who had lived nearby for decades:
“He has lived here for 40 years and has never been in any trouble and has never caused any trouble. He sometimes used to shout at the local kids if they played too near his house but that is fairly normal.
“I don’t think he belonged to any political party and I never heard him express any views about Europe or anything like that. To us, he was just Tommy, a local bloke we all knew.” (Quoted in the Daily Telegraph)
This was echoed by Thomas Mair’s half-brother, Duane St Louis, who said he never heard Thomas voice any political views:
“He’s never expressed any views about Britain, or politics or racist tendencies.”
Thomas was “not a violent man”, Duane St Louis continued. “I’m mixed race and I’m his half-brother, we got on well.” (Sky News)
In the immediate aftermath of Jo Cox’s murder another of Thomas Mair’s brothers, Scott Mair told the Sun:
“I am shaken by this.
“We are struggling to believe what has happened.
“My brother is not a violent man.”
Yet now the court is being told that Thomas Mair was a White supremacist who collected Nazi memorabilia and was fascinated by violent right-wingers like Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik.
The Thomas Mair portrayed by the prosecution is so at odds with the accounts of his family and neighbours that they could easily be talking about two entirely different people. More to the point, if Thomas Mair was so fascinated by the Nazis and White extremists you would think that his brothers would have noticed? Particularly Duane St Louis, who is mixed race.
As for the bookcase decorated with Nazi memorabilia and packed with rightwing literature, you would think his brothers would have mentioned that. But until the prosecution presented the court with photos of it nobody even seems to have noticed it.
Why not? Did Thomas Mairs keep the bookcase in a secret locked room in his tiny Housing Association flat? After all it’s a crucial evidence so why did no one notice it until it was brought up at the trial? Or was the bookcase and its contents simply set up for a photo shoot to help convict Mair?

Jury were shown copies of the National Vanguard Magazine, a rightwing periodical found in Mairs home. Click to enlarge

Revealed: Home of ‘Jo Cox’s killer’ was filled with far-Right literature, a Nazi emblem and a dossier on the ‘MP he shot and stabbed to death

Sam Tonkin — Daily Mail Nov 21, 2016

Thomas Mair, Jo Cox's alleged killer. Click to enlarge

Jurors have been shown the inside of the home where Jo Cox’s alleged killer is said to have plotted her murder amongst far-Right literature and a dossier on the MP.

Alleged white supremacist Thomas Mair, 53, is on trial for allegedly shooting and stabbing the 41-year-old Remain campaigner a week before the EU referendum vote.

A search of his home in Birstall, West Yorkshire, uncovered books on German military history and a gold Third Reich Eagle ornament with a swastika on it on his bookcase, the Old Bailey was told.

He also had a publication on the German Holocaust and SS Race Theory And Late Selection Guidelines, jurors heard.

CCTV image of Mair shortly after the murder. He is alleged to have changed his clothes after the killing. Click to enlarge

Another was entitled March Of The Titans: A History Of The White Race, and a double- page press cutting on Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik was also allegedly recovered from his housing association home.

A printout of a Wikipedia entry on the White Patriot Party was found in his drawers along with information on the BBB – White Liberation Movement – a notorious South African neo- Nazi organisation.

The material featured in a series of photographs shown to jurors by prosecutor Richard Whittam QC.

Mair had allegedly collected a dossier on Mrs Cox in his home, including stories about her in newspapers, jurors heard.

There was also a printout of her biography from her website, jurors were told.

Police found rune stones in a bag, one of which appeared to have a symbol of the BBB movement on it.


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