Will Trump Keep Promise to White Voters?


December 4, 2016


(Apparently this pic was photoshopped by liberals but the message is no less valid.) 
Ann Coulter says Trump’s response to illegal immigration and 
migration will be the litmus test of his Presidency. 
If he does, he will destroy his base of support. 
As Kevin MacDonald explains below, the GOP
has become the white people’s party. Having sponsored migration, organized Jewry faces a white backlash.  “Once White identity politics starts gaining traction, it’s only a matter of time before there is a critical mass of Whites who are dialled into the Jewish role in White dispossession, and that would not, as they say, be good for the Jews.”
by Kevin MacDonald 
(Excerpt by henrymakow.com) 

By far the biggest problem for Jews is that the forces unleashed by Jewish activism in favor of immigration and multiculturalism have unleashed a rise in White identity politics, either implicitly, as among most Trump supporters, or explicitly, as among the Alt Right which has been the only intellectual movement supporting Trump.

Jewish writers like Jonathan Chait (New York Magazine), David Brooks, and Paul Krugman (New York Times) have been very aware of that Trump has been successful because of White identity politics. For Chait, Trump is a reincarnation of a decades-old Jewish bogeyman in American politics, right wing populism: He says, “The party has grown increasingly reliant upon White identity politics to supply its votes, which has left an indelible imprint on not only the Republican Party’s function but also its form.”

For Brooks, Trump voters are “just going with their gene pool,” a rather bald statement that Trump voters are voting their racial interests. After the election, Brooks predicted that the country would be split into two factions, with one faction advocating ethnic separatism, which many on the Alt Right are already advocating. Would that it were so.

For Krugman, Trump voters were motivated by “blood and soil, patriarchy, and racial hierarchy.”

While these statements seem over the top, in fact implicit White identity politics were doubtless an important aspect of the election. Research shows that Whites who see diversity increasing tend to vote for candidates of the right. Anxiety over those changes may explain a lot of Trump’s support, even if they don’t admit it (here; also here and here).In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported that the counties in Iowa and Wisconsin that changed from Obama to Trump were the areas in the US undergoing the fastest ethnic changes.

Once White identity politics starts gaining traction, it’s only a matter of time before there is a critical mass of Whites who are dialled into the Jewish role in White dispossession, and that would not, as they say, be good for the Jews. Psychologically, we expect that racial identity and a sense of racial interests will be more important as Whites head toward minority status. Being the object of hostility increases this tendency to identify as White, so it is noteworthy that Whites are routinely subjected to hostility in the educational system and the media. In a very poignant letter commenting on an article in The American Conservative, a college Republican wrote:

I am in college and nearly all of my conservative friends are at least sympathetic to the alt-right. Even if they don’t openly talk about it, they’re regularly browsing 8chan’s /pol/, The Right Stuff, Radix, VDare, Occidental Observer, AmRen, etc.

How did this come about? It’s harder for older people to understand, but we younger whites have been vilified all our lives. Throughout elementary school and high school, I was regularly demonized for being white. (I attended public and Christian schools and it was even worse at the latter.) And now it’s even more extreme in college. Our entire white race is regularly trashed on a daily basis. … We have the right to oppose our own dispossession and extinction – just as every other race does. It’s time for younger whites to pick up the gauntlet because we’re the future.

I imagine that quite a few of you here today know exactly what he is talking about. Whites tuned into the internet are also aware of disproportionate crime committed by Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims against Whites, and this awareness also leads to the Alt Right and results in very real worries about what the future will be like for Whites if we become a minority.

Will juries convict non-Whites who attack Whites? What are the implications of the vast majority of non-Whites voting Democrat and wanting big government handouts when Whites are a minority? What about affirmative action at universities were Whites are trapped between low-achieving Blacks and Latinos in need of affirmative action and high-achieving minorities such as East Asians.

Given all the corruption by the Clintons uncovered in the recent campaign with the entire establishment nevertheless backing her, we cannot suppose that the rule of law will survive a White minority.

So the bottom line is that Jews remade America in their interests, constructing intellectual theories and media messages designed to make White America comfortable with massive non-White immigration and its own dispossession. Toward the end of Hillary’s campaign, we were treated to a constant barrage of such messages on the wonders of diversity and inclusiveness. “Instead of [Trump’s] dark and divisive [vision], [mine is] hopeful and inclusive. [Mine is] big-hearted, not small-minded. It is about lifting people up, not putting them down. … It’s a vision that says, and I believe this with all my heart, we are stronger together.” (Nov. 1, 2016).

I’d like to see the research showing that America has become stronger because of importing millions of non-Whites, but obviously a lot of White Americans don’t think so.

Cyy8AdZUkAAA2JA.jpgBut let’s face it, 35-40% of White Americans still buy into it. Too many Americans are suckers for idealistic, optimistic rhetoric, full of lofty moralism and entreaties for empathy, and Jewish activists have known this for a long time. As our friend Israel Zangwill said to a Jewish audience in opposition to the immigration restriction law of 1924, “You must make a fight against this bill; tell them they are destroying American ideals” (here, p. 266). Again, Zangwill knew exactly which buttons to push. I am sure Zangwill would be quite happy that Israel doesn’t believe in such ideals.

But this idealism is part of the psyche of many Whites, and engrained in our culture, blasted out 24/7 by the media and the educational system. Interviews with White protestors horrified by Trump’s victory shows their extreme sense of moral superiority and moral fervor and their genuine belief in the glorious rainbow, kumbaya America. We have to understand these White people and convince them of the moral righteousness of our cause. We must show them that their idealism about the future is suicidal.

Multiculturalism is the contemporary version of utopian Marxist rhetoric that was pushed by three generations of Jewish intellectuals: Even after millions of murders and the incarceration of many more millions, they preached that we can look forward to the utopian dream of a classless society. Now we are supposed to look forward to a future of blissful ethnic harmony, despite the long and bloody history of ethnic conflict around the world. As with communism, these utopias ultimately fail because they are not based on scientific views of human nature or on the social science research on the costs and consequences of multiculturalism to native populations.

The end result of this Jewish activism has been White flight away from diversity, the beginnings of a police state, restrictions on free speech, an upsurge of implicit White identity politics and the racialization of politics in general as the GOP becomes the White people’s party, and an urgent need to create an explicitly White politics of the Alt Right. This activism has also resulted in increased conflict — conflict that could ultimately lead to civil war.

The protests following Trump’s election and the banning from social media have just begun. We are entering a very dangerous period now, and we can only hope that Donald Trump will live up to the expectations of those who voted for him.

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Makow comment: Most white people can accept minorities but they don’t want to become one. Liberals have used labels like “hate” and “racist” to describe this perfectly legitimate attitude. What is more hateful than throwing this smear around?  No non-white country — China, Japan, India, Nigeria, Israel — would allow itself to become a racial minority. Yet somehow whites are expected to docilely accept this fate because organized Jewry perceives them as a threat.

– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2016/12/white-identity-politics.html#sthash.4LXQ91gi.dpuf

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