Pedophilia is Central to Illuminati Agenda — Dec 10, 2016


The promotion of pedophilia is prime evidence society is being inducted into the Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) satanic cult.
Pizzagate is just the latest sign that pedophilia is practised by this satanic cult that is devoted to degrading and enslaving humanity.
Sex Ed programs adopted by public schools are designed to prepare children for sexual exploitation which is satanic ritual abuse. 

(from July 17, 2011) — by Richard Evans (

The International Planned Parenthood Federation are now advocating the “right” to consent to sex acts become a plank the platform of the United Nations “Rights of the Child” Treaty.   The international abortion NGO released two documents to be used by child sex advocates as part of a media blitz, directing children of any age to “explore avenues of sexuality”, and directly attacking the protective role of the parents.
This UN council plans on punishing “violators and abusers of the rights of the child” as defined by UN tribunal.
Planned Parenthood, fronting for gay and pedophile NGO’s, want heterosexual values such as chastity and age of consent, ruled a violation of children’s “sexual rights.”
LifeNews/CFAM writes; “The sexual rights guide “Exclaim!” calls for a cornucopia of sexuality and gender protections and entitlements under the guise of international law.”
“Governments must respect, protect and fulfill all sexual rights for young people,” the publication states. The guide is designed to help young people become sex advocates.”
“Young people are sexual beings.” and “…All people under 18 should enjoy the full range of human rights, including sexual rights…”

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