Iranian Youth Oblivious to Satanist (Zionist) Threat

December 11, 2016

Iranians are under constant psychological (and soon physical?) attack. 
How can I convince Agah Ali that the candy he so badly craves is poisoned and will put him to sleep? 
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by Brendan O’Connell
Iranian youth have a very idealized view of the United States and ‘the West’ in general. It’s the land of milk and honey and you can drink alcohol with impunity! Thats a rather limited view of “freedom” and not a good barometer of “freedom”. Neither are discos and scantily clad women. But try telling that to the few young males I’ve met?
I spoke with Agah Ali. A young man eager for the opportunities of ‘the west’. He asked me what television news I would like to watch one night. I replied, “Press TV or RT (Russia Today)”. He threw his head back and laughed. “We don’t watch Press TV here!” I asked him what he did watch? “BBC Persian,” came the reply with a slightly smug look that belied a sense of sophistication about his choice of news channel. I replied, “Agah Ali, do you seriously believe the British government spends £1.5 billion on the British Brainwashing Corporation so it can give you an honest appraisal of news that affects Iranians?
The BBC serves the interests of the British government and in turn the Zionists and their globalist agenda.” He shrugged and turned the satellite connection over to the ‘Persian Pop Channel’ that blasts out of Los Angeles. A pure propaganda effort run by Zionists of the highest order, who believe “freedom” is a half naked woman sticking her tongue down a strangers throat on camera.
In contrast, a much older Persian lady began laughing loudly when I gave my opinion of the BBC and propaganda to Agah Ali. She had much experience of her own ancient culture and that of ‘the west’. When the channel was turned she shrugged and sighed, “The youth.”
What I’m constantly finding is that they mix their anger and disappointment with the economy and a lack of financial opportunity with a belief that ‘the west’ is somehow “superior”. Talk about aligning with your oppressor. I’m sure this is not the case throughout Persian society but it is self evidently present.
Would these same people be so dreamy eyed about ‘the west’ if the Iranian economy was released from the shackles/shekels of economic sanctions? This is why those sanctions have been kept for another ten years and worse may be in store – they will plug away at the youth of Iran. The Globalists will make life as unbearably bleak as possible for young Iranians with a lack of economic opportunity. All the while they beam in the fake economic good time imagery via satellite, bought with a giant Federal Reserve credit card bill that Americans can never repay. This is not a repeat of the Ukraine and a George Soros led “Orange Revolution”. This is a slow motion version with possible harsher measures in mind.
Agah Ali is hard to convince about the disparity between the imagery pumped into his living room and the cold hard facts on the ground in places like the UK, Europe, America and Australia. I can’t convince him of the disaster of the complete fracturing of the nuclear and extended family that has left a vast swathe of ADD diagnosed mentally ill children and their parents – highly vulnerable to Zonist Globalist manipulation.
In the movie “Falling Down” (1993) starring Michael Douglas, we see a middle class mortgage payer watching his career, his marriage and his society fall apart under the Reaganite era of economic rationalism and off shoring of American industry. Eventually, he snaps, and decides to tell America exactly how he feels about it.
This movie has never been more relevant than right now. In my favorite scene, the Douglas character buys a burger from a fast food outlet and notes the disparity between the imagery on the wall – portraying the promise of the American Dream – and the actual sad and pathetic “miserable squashed thing” that is actually served to him…
unnamed (7).jpg
Convincing Agah Ali and a whole swathe of Iranian youth that the “freedom” they crave in ‘the west’ is a “miserable squashed thing” is a tough task. A heavy “interest” will be due from all who sign the contract with the wolf knocking at the door of Persia’s three thousand year traditional culture. How the Iranian intellectual, political and business elite co-ordinate with the people of Iran to handle their transition into a high technology age will be instructive for us all. Can they keep their core family and Persian culture intact?
The Iranian people can learn from the example of ‘the west’, or they can plunge head first right into the swamp from which the UK, Europe, America and Australia are struggling to free itself. In that, they can be way ahead of the game. Benjamin Netanyahu, Rothschild, George Soros and Henry Kissinger know this. Hence, ten more years of sanctions.
We can help Iran maintain the rage and the fruits of a 40 year struggle against the poison of the Zionist Globalist Empire, or, we can fall prey to the viscous propaganda pumped out of the cess pits of Hollywood, MSNBC and the BBC about Iran, Persian culture and the revolution of 1979. No one is perfect, not least the Iranian government. But compared to ‘the west’ it is a positive saintly in nature.
I want to help Persians keep their conscious innocence and I want to regain mine too. If Iran falls into the pit, it will be a disaster for us all.

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