George Soros leads line-up of liberal billionaires funding Facebook’s fake news checker

Daily — Dec 16, 2016

Apart from generous contributions to Hillary Clinton's campaign and Facebook's 'fake news' checker, George Soros also helped bankroll the Ferguson protests.

Billionaire Clinton donor George Soros is among a line-up of wealthy liberal figures who will fund Facebook’s fake news fact checker.

The 86-year-old Hungarian financier’s Open Foundation Societies is listed among organizations which are backing The International Fact Checking Network, the body tasked with flagging bogus news stories to social media users, on its website.

Soros, a staunch Democrat who tried to block George W. Bush’s campaign in 2004, has given $25million to Clinton and causes dear to her.

Other donors involved in the new fact checking feature include eBay founder Pierre Omidyar who has committed more than $30million to the Clintons and their charities.

Google, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy are also funding the pilot.

The line-up feeds criticism from right-wing commentators that the new fact checking feature will be biased towards left-wing causes and could interfere with the social media feeds of millions of voters.

The feature was announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday night.

It will flag any stories which have been ‘disputed by a 3rd party’ before users attempt to share them and prohibit the promotion of any fake stories.

The third parties include but are not limited to ABC News, Politico, Snopes and The Washington Post.

They are among signatories to the IFCN’s code of principles. The Poynter Institute said it would review its sign-up processes in light of Facebook’s announcement and would not be accepting any new members for the foreseeable future.

Soros’s support was considered so crucial by Clinton campaign aides during the presidential race they discussed how to ‘keep him happy’ in leaked emails.

In one, senior aide Huma Abedin advised campaign manager Robby Mook to send Clinton to a Soros event ‘for political reasons’.

When her crushing defeat was made plain on November 9, Soros regrouped with other Democrat mega-donors to discuss how they could ‘take back power’ from the Republicans.

At a meeting arranged by the Democracy Alliance, another organization spearheaded by the billionaire, insiders plotted how to correct the course of action and dissect their mistakes in trying to get Hillary electe

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