‘ISIS rebels want to kill all non-believers and live in a Muslim-only world’, warns expert

They are following the Koran just the same as every good Muslim.

ISIS wants to execute non-believers who refuse to open-heartedly embrace the Islamic faith – without exception, a French Islam expert has warned.

PUBLISHED: 18:17, Wed, Dec 21, 2016 


ISIS want to execute all non-believers who do not embrace Islam, claims expert

According to radical Islamists, Christians who refuse to convert to “the real faith” must die, Pascal Bruckner told the French daily Le Figaro.

The Islam expert added that the Berlin truck attack was a “baptism of fire” for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and that German civilians were now in the “line of fire,” despite their humane response to the refugee crisis.

He said: “Everyone thought that France was ISIS’s top, and possibly only, target because of its so-called ‘secular totalitarianism’. Its liberal neighbours, including Germany, were, in their minds, safe from violence.

“Germany did not send ground troops into Iraq and Syria, and does not have France’s colonial past. It is a multicultural country where the burqa has not been banned, and yet, it has been brought to its knees by extremists.”

Mr Bruckner added that jihadists did not “care” whether they killed French people or German people, because their overarching goal was to “kill infidels”.


The expert also warned that ISIS would flourish after defeat on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq

He said as a society, we are turning our back on religion more and more, but for ISIS, we are still “too Christian”.

ISIS wants to divide the West and convince Muslims that ‘Europeans’ will never accept them

Expert Pascal Bruckner

He said: “Europeans think of themselves as very open-minded, and strive to live in a world without borders and without racial fixations.

“But to ISIS, Europeans are non-believers, and that’s that. They dream of destroying cathedrals, basilicas, monasteries, and churches, and of purging the West of its sins.”

The terrorism expert also said that ISIS would “flourish and survive, even if it was defeated in the battle for Iraq and Syria”.

The Berlin Christmas market attack has been called a ‘baptism of fire’ for Angela Merkel
He said: “ISIS wants to divide the West and convince Muslims that ‘Europeans’ will never accept them. They want Muslims to feel ostracised, and the only way to crush them is to prove them wrong.”

Mr Bruckner added that the Christmas market truck attack had sparked outrage among anti-immigration officials, who are now blaming Mrs Merkel’s open-arms refugee policy for the attack.


Radical Islamists claim Christians who do not convert to the ‘real faith’ must die

He said: “Germany took in more than one million refugees last year. And even though only 0.01 per cent of migrants are said to be terrorists, that’s all immigration sceptics need to spark a debate and bring down Mrs Merkel.

“Do we close our borders to stop terrorists from sneaking into the EU, or do we continue offering sanctuary to those fleeing war and persecution? The real trick will be to find the right balance between the two.”

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