Brendan Cox to deliver Channel 4 alternative Christmas message

Introduction — Dec 23, 2016


Like so much from the corporate media, Brendan Cox’s Christmas message will be far from an “alternative” to the traditional seasonal message. That’s because the late Jo Cox’s husband is not entirely the anti-establishment figure he pretends to be.
Despite being what can be politely termed a professional do-gooder, Brendan Cox is also an integral part of the establishment.
For a while he served as aSpecial Advisor to Prime Minister Gordon Brown while his wife, Jo Cox, served as an advisor to the former prime minister’s wife. As such both Brendan and Jo Cox would have been frequent visitors to Downing Street, the nominal heart of the British establishment.
Both held positions that were open to only a select few but which were no doubt very well paid.
Brendan Cox also worked as a senior executive at the Save the Children Fund. Or at least he did until he was forced to resign his position after several female members of the charity group complained about his “inappropriate behaviour“.
Now it looks as if Brendan Cox is being groomed to take over where his wife left off.
Here it’s worth recalling that while still an MP Jo Cox called the Syrian White Helmets “heroes” and campaigned for them to be awarded the Nobel Prize. Now it transpires that not only are the White Helmets being funded to the tune of ten of millions by Britain and the U.S., they’ve also been linked to Al-Nusra and Al Qaeda.
In fact the Syrian White Helmets were founded in 2013 by James Le Mesurier, a former British military intelligence officer linked to Blackwater, to operate in rebel-controlled Syria. They didn’t operate in government controlled areas and there are reliable reports that behind their charitable facade they were involved in terrorist activity (here, here and here)
So in effect Jo Cox was doing PR work for what with hindsight is now emerging as a Western backed terror group. This is not speculation. She actually campaigned for the White Helmets to be awarded the Nobel Prize and now the same supposedly humanitarian group is being linked with terror.
Just think about that for a second: she wanted the Noble Prize awarded to a group linked to terror. Was Jo Cox duped? Did her ideals get the better of her common sense? Or was she actually part of the deception?
As is so often the case, the powers that be set up an “alternative” narrative so that they can control both sides in a debate. We would suggest that this was Jo Cox’s function and why her husband will deliver Channel 4’s “alternative” Christmas message.
The best way to control political discourse is for the powers that be to control not only governments but also those opposed to them. This allows them to stage manage political debate and confers complete control over the political process, often without anyone even realising it. Ed.

Brendan Cox to deliver Channel 4 alternative Christmas message

Press Association — Dec 23, 2016

The husband of murdered MP Jo Cox will deliver this year’s alternative Christmas message – in which he calls for an end to the “rise of hatred”.

Brendan Cox will touch on the “awful year for our family” in the Channel 4 broadcast on December 25. But he will also tell viewers that now is the “moment to reach out to somebody that might disagree with us”.

Mrs Cox was shot and stabbed to death by neo-Nazi Thomas Mair in her Batley and Spen constituency days before June’s EU referendum.

The 41-year-old, the mother of two young children, was an outspoken critic of strategic policy in Syria and a humanitarian who campaigned for women’s rights around the world.

Her husband of seven years recorded the tribute on the converted Dutch barge which the family called home.

Continues …

Comment — Dec 23, 2016

The converted barge that the Cox’s “called home” was only one of their homes. While she was still an MP Jo Cox divided her time between the barge, moored at an expensive berth on the Thames, and her constituency home in Yorkshire. Ed.

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