Brice Taylor 1 – Chapter 33 Bill Clinton and Hillary

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The revelations surrounding Pizzagate, of a ruling section of society that indulges in occult rituals, and sex with children (child rape) are not new. What is new that is that these revelations have managed to get to a wider audience than before and that some of the disturbing facts can be checked in the wikileaks leaked emails, the authenticity of which is not seriously disputed.

Although the establishment has tried a propanganda psyop to label pizzagate as “fake news” this has not stuck. It has not suceeded

  • partly as the alternative media have fought back showing the plethora of fake news from the establishment corporate media
  • partly as the Hillary campaign, which the vast majority of  corporate media supported , has used the “fake news” label for political purposes against Trump and so Trump supporters have fought back against it
  • partly the deep state itself is fracturing deeper than before…

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