The Elites Have Crimestopped Themselves Into Paralysis


Deconstructing Leftism

As a refresher on Orwell, “crimethink” is prohibited thoughts, which is easy enough to understand, and “crimestop” is the mental process by which crimethink is avoided.

A normal person understands crimethink perfectly well, and understands that certain ideas, facts, or truths must not be aired in any formal social situation, be it work, family gatherings, or any other place where all present are both like-minded and trusted. There is a special moment between two white men, when one first uses the “n” word, and it is met with a laugh.

This is not difficult, because it is simply an extension of basic social rules about appropriate matters of discussion and expressions of values and attitudes. There are things you don’t talk about around your mom, your sister, or even your uptight brother. You can talk about certain very delicate things with your dad, but maybe not others. Normal people generally…

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