‘IT’S DISGUSTING’: Hollande is ignoring French homeless in favour of migrants, says Le Pen


FRENCH right-wing presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen has blasted Francois Hollande’s “irresponsible” migrant policy, which she said has seen the nation’s homeless left neglected in the freezing cold streets.

PUBLISHED: 15:23, Mon, Jan 16, 2017

le pen hollandeGETTY

Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has hit out at Francois Hollande’s migrant policy

Mrs Le Pen promised to put interests of French nationals “first” if elected head of state in the spring in the interview with radio station RTL today.

The controversial politician cited the weeks-long cold wave which has seen temperatures drop well below freezing nationwide, and said that government officials were doing more formigrants than they had ever done for France’s homeless.

She said: “We are giving migrants beds but ignoring the needs of homeless French people, who are being turned away from emergency shelters and who are being forced to sleep outside in the freezing cold.

“It’s unbelievable and disgusting; and just one of the consequences of the government’s irresponsible refugee policy.”

migrants parisGETTY

She claimed French officials are doing more for migrants than for homeless people

Mrs Le Pen added she had “chosen to protect the French” and not immigrants, because “they are the ones who desperately need our full and total support”.

We are giving migrants beds but ignoring the needs of homeless French people

Marine Le Pen

The pro-Trump hardliner added all legal immigrants should have resided in France for “at least two years” before receiving free healthcare.

She said: “There should be an official waiting period of two years. Immigrants – legal ones – should not be given immediate access to welfare.

“Your host country should not have to support you financially. There are many French people living in the US, Germany, and Australia, and they do not expect the US, German, and Australian government to pay their medical bills and children’s school fees.”

Emmanuel MacronGETTY

Mrs Le Pen also called her presidential rival Emmanuel Macron a political ‘imposter’

Mrs Le Pen also spoke out against her presidential rival, Emmanuel Macron – a one-time protégé of Mr Hollande – who she called a political ‘imposter’.

She said: “He is neither left nor right. He is Brussels’ candidate and the candidate of globalisation.

“And he is obsessed with media attention. His supporters behave like Justin Bieber fans!”

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  1. No more far left parties in government! Let us all run the world!

  2. D. M. Hutchins says:

    Reblogged this on D. M. Hutchins and commented:
    Clean your own home, before worrying about anothers… Words to live by.

  3. This is a big problem in the USA and France. You ant to do right by your people and help immigrants. It is a really tough call.

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