Update on Cyprus: ELAM and Golden Dawn.


xaameriki - ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english

Regardless of the fact that ELAM and Golden Dawn have been excluded from ongoing negotiations between Cyprus and occupied Cyprus.

It has recently been suggested that if a “solution” regarding the division is found between the Cypriot leftist/EU controlled government and the Turkish backed occupational government, via a Turkish-Cypriot federation, this would result in the “Turkification” of the Island.

ELAM – the ‘national popular front’ ( The sister party of Golden Dawn & the only nationalist party in The Cypriot parliament) would be outlawed. This is an attempt to render illegitimate the only voice of opposition. In a statement by the Youth Front of ELAM, they call upon the youth to join the cause and be the generation that liberates Cyprus.

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