Bercow and Vaz Personal / Private Conflicts of Interest


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After a further FOI Request to the House of Commons [1], which they have helpfully and promptly answered, I summarise and add some of the important information first but it is best to check the full answer below or on the WDTK site [1a]

1) Keith Vaz MP -The Commissioner began her inquiry in September 2016 into an alleged breach of paragraphs 10 and 16 of the Code of Conduct for Members by Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, and immediately suspended this, pending the outcome of an assessment by the police. The Commissioner resumed her inquiry on 19 December 2016, after the police
announced that they had completed their inquiries.

The Commissioner’s inquiries are conducted in private, the outcome of her inquiry and all of the evidence relevant to any findings she makes will be published in due course.

2) Mr Vaz declarations include

“Mr Vaz declared that…

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