These before and after photos prove that Obama and Hillary Clinton had nothing but love for Islam


Alex Christoforou — The Feb 4, 2017

As the entire liberal left is in a tizzy over Trump’s immigration executive order, which has been cleverly dubbed by the establishment media as a “Muslim ban” (see how Steven Crowder dismantles this word play, fake news propaganda here), we thought it would be fun to showcase three Muslim countries, that under the Obama/Clinton rule, flourished under the inclusive love of the liberal left.

The three countries below are part of the seven countries under US visa moratorium, in accordance with Trump’s executive order.

Actions speak louder than words. If I were Muslim, I would much prefer undergoing extreme vetting under Trump than undergoing extreme bombing under Obama and Clinton.

  1. Yemen: American bombs, Saudi bombing.

Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East was targeted by Obama for daring to move away from Saudi Arabia’s sphere of influence.



  1. Libya: Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy masterpiece.

HRC single handedly tore apart the wealthiest country in Africa, violently removing a stable and secular Gaddafi government, in favor of chaos and jihadist extremism.

Libya led to Benghazi. It also gave Obama and Clinton the rat line they needed to move US weapons from Libya, to ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria.


libya_libya-before-afterlibya before

  1. Syria: Obama’s “red line” and his “Assad must go” mantra.

Syria’s secular, internationally recognized government under Assad refused to allow an oil and gas pipeline, from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, traverse its territory upwards towards the European market.

For its defiance, Syria paid the ultimate price. Obama’s plan involved giving money, weapons and arms to a jihadist concoction made up of Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and ISIS invaders, that, in his infinite POTUS wisdom, would do the dirty work of removing Assad, and flipping Syria into a Saudi pseudo state.

Syria destroyedmosque



aleppo before and after


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