A PM who tells the truth…

Hungary’s PM attacks ‘LORDS OF GLOBALIST POLITICS’ & welcomes ‘TRUE European refugees’

THE Hungarian prime minister said his country will welcome west Europeans who have had enough of mass migration and “the lords of globalist politics”.

PUBLISHED: 03:18, Sun, Feb 12, 2017 
Viktor Orban, who has led the maverick EU nation since 2010, gave his annual state of the nation address to a raucous audience Friday in which he discussed migration, globalisation and the wave of populism sweeping the US and EU member states.

He said: “We shall let in true refugees – German, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands.”

Mr Orban also took aim at “globalist” leaders in countries across Europe and what he argued was a culture of political correctness.

He said: “The open society would sweep away a democracy of debate and replace it with a democracy of correctness.”

Mr Orban argued world leaders had attempted to foster a political culture where “true power, decisions and influence was not held by elected governments, but was put in the hands of unelected global networks, media gurus and international organisations”.


The Hungarian leader accused world leaders of

The Fidesz party leader cited Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the US as parts of a wider rebellion against “arrogance and condescension” by people whose “mouths had been gagged” for too long.

He added: “This is how the world’s most bizarre coalition of people smugglers, human rights activists and elite European politicians came into existence, specifically to deliberately bring millions of migrants to Europe.”

The populist leader also stressed the importance of maintaining political stability, arguing that losing it would be a luxury “that we cannot afford, and it will not happen while we are at the helm”.


The prime minister lauded Brexit and Trump’s election as parts of a wider populist movement.

Speaking in Budapest, Mr Orban continued: “We have no reason to worry about tomorrow: families will get back on their feet, and we will pull ourselves together financially, too.

“If everyone does their job properly and we abide by the law, then everything will go well and every year everyone will be able to take a step forward.”

He added: “Hungarians have suffered enough from hesitant, helpless and plank-headed leaders, from those who were always explaining what cannot be done and why not.

“Self-pity was a plague throughout the country – it was the culture of socialist government.

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