‘White people shouldn’t breed’ Racist SPAT in BABY’S face and shouted abuse at stunned mum

A RACIST spat in a nine-month-old baby’s face and shouted “white people shouldn’t breed” at her mother during a horrific attack.

Third racist crime and no jail time. Imagine if a white person had spit at a black/Asian child saying that “They should not breed”?

PUBLISHED: 16:49, Tue, Feb 21, 2017 

Mum and daughter, and Rezzas AbdullaNORTH NEWS

Rezzas Abdulla will not serve a prison time for the sickening assault

Rezzas Abdulla approached mother Rebecca Telford, 25, and her daughter Layla-Jean while she was out pushing the pram around the shops in South Shields last January.

Rather than cooing over the cute little girl, he leaned into the pram and spat into her mouth before launching into a tirade of racial abuse.


Despite having previous convictions for race hate attacks on white women, he managed to escape a jail sentence.

But now Ms Telford has slammed the courts – claiming the punishment may have been different if the attack was the other way around.

Ms Telford and her daughterNORTH NEWS

Ms Telford and her daughter were shopping in South Shields before the attack

Prosecutor Emma Dowling told Newcastle Crown Court: “He leant into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter.

“As he did so, he shouted or said ‘white people shouldn’t breed’.”

When the baby’s young mother, who works as a hairdresser, confronted her attacker, he told her to “shut the f*** up” and walked off.

She was left stunned by the attack, which left her little girl with spit “sprayed around” her face before another stunned onlooker handed her a tissue and helped to clean her up.

I honestly think if it was the other way round and I had been abusive towards him, then I would have been treated differently

Victim and mum Rebecca Telford, 25

Ms Telford tried to take a photo of the attacker, but was too shaken by what had just happened – but police were able to track Abdullah down from CCTV in the busy shopping street.

In a victim impact statement, the distraught mother told the police: “I am completely disgusted and distressed that a grown man, regardless of race or religion, would spit on a defenceless baby in a completely unprovoked attack.

“If he had just walked by I would not have even noticed him, there was no eye contact and no words had been exchanged. I had never seen him before.”

Rezzas AbdullaNORTH NEWS

Rezzas Abdulla has also been convicted of two other attacks on women

Layla-Jean, who is now two-years-old, was even forced to undergo a series of tests – and doctors warned she may have to have a BCG infection as she could have contracted TB in the sick attack.

Ms Telford added: “I believe he spat on her purely because we are white, I was a lone female and an easy target.”

Abdullah already has two convictions for racially-motivated attacks on white woman, after being found guilty of racially aggravated common assault after a trial at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, which he did not attend.

Speaking at Newcastle Crown court, Mr Recorder Darren Preston told Abdullah: “You have got a problem, it seems to me, with white women.”

Abdulla was sentenced to eight months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with rehabilitation and mental health treatment requirements.

He now receives anti-psychotic treatment in the community but his victim says Abdullah has got off lightly – and claims if she had attacked him, she would likely have got a harsher punishment.

Rebecca Telford, 25, and her daughter Layla-JeanNORTH NEWS

Rebecca Telford, 25, and her daughter Layla-Jean were shocked by the attack

She said: “South Shields is really multicultural, and I have never witnessed anything like this before, between any races.

“It was horrifying. I am glad he has been brought to justice, but I think he has got off lightly.

“I am not racist at all but I honestly think if it was the other way round and I had been abusive towards him, then I would have been treated differently.”

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  1. larryzb says:

    Very sad that it has come to this.

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