Irish patriot talks to Sinn Fein Marxist about the Invasion of Ireland.

As the invasion of Europe in general and Ireland in particular gains more speed I expect many “republicans” and “nationalists” both in Northern Ireland and in Southern Ireland to become ever more disillusioned with the multicultural policy of Sinn Fein. In my view this electoral group will provide many opportunities for us to enlist new members – assuming that is that they reject ALL Sinn Fein policies which not only encourage the destruction of our Celtic culture, but also promote the on going political feud between Britain and Ireland.

As members of The Celtic Party we strongly believe that Europeans should never again fight other Europeans for political ends. We are all Brothers and Sisters of the greater European family and we as Celts support our fellow Europeans who have different local traditions to our own.

As part of my own personal efforts therefore to connect with disillusioned “republicans” and “nationalists” I frequently attempt to red-pill them via social media. For your amusement I thought I would send you all a brief discussion I recently had with a Sinn Fein supporter, one John O’Connor, via Facebook. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did. LOL

John O’Connor’s writing is in blue. My responses are in black.

 Cheers for the link Tony, have read through the site..I am a Sinn Fein man and I don’t quite understand why you think that SF are giving away Ireland to the third world… We are supporting countries who are experiencing similar to what Ireland went through in the past..  When the Irish were those under suspicion because of the way the British branded us; barbarians, drunks and brawlers.. But what is wrong with supporting people who are experiencing the same turmoil that our ancestors experienced in the past… I make no apology in my support for people who are being stood on by their countries regime’s.. Never forget that the world had the same attitude against Irish emigrants not so long ago.. The first principle and the continuing principle of Sinn Fein is to work towards a 32 county sovereign Ireland.. We cannot become an insular society where we dismiss other cultures.. otherwise we become like the same brutes who ruled our country for the bones of 800 years and subjected our culture and language to the bin , with the intention of removing our identity.. When the Irish went to England, The USA, Australia etc.. The one thing that kept the Irish together was our culture.. I will not deny any race of people who want to live in Ireland to forget their culture.. Doing so is a form of intellectual tyranny..

Hello John, thanks for the reply. I have a few points to make in response to what you have said. Sinn Fein ARE busily giving our country away as they are openly in favour of flooding Ireland with third worlders. Sinn Fein have even managed to shoe horn a black African as a councilor in Blanchardstown, Dublin. Presumably he is “doing a job an Irish man won’t do”.

Blacks and Muslims have no cultural connection with Celtic People. They are alien cultures whose moral standards are way lower than ours. For example Muslims venerate the prophet Muhammad. The Koran states that Muhammad married a girl of six and raped her at nine. Lisotho, in south west Africa, is the rape capitol of the world followed closely by Sweden where blond women have to colour their hair black in an attempt to avoid the attentions of the “cultural enrichment” that has been forced upon them.

Currently the Irish regime in the Dail sends 600 MILLION Euro to Africa while thousands of Celts sleep rough on the streets of Ireland. Annually, thousands of third worlders are “welcomed” into Ireland by traitors such as yourself meanwhile some 80,000 of our young people are encouraged to leave Ireland. That is a policy of racial replacement – Genocide – and you are a willing party to this. Four BILLION Euro is now being spent annually on the invaders that the likes of you “welcome” into our country yet we have an on going suicide epidemic of our people thanks to huge tax increases which go to pay for our “new oirish”. And you justify all of this by carping on about what happened in Ireland hundreds of years ago!

The responsibility of any government is to it’s own people – not to the BILLIONS of third worlders. Sinn Fein are looking to import an entire new electorate of blacks and Muslims because Adams and Co. know that that is the only way they will ever win power in Ireland. If I were you John, I would take a closer look at your beloved bearded leader to investigate his involvement with covering up pedophilia in Ireland rather than having sleepless nights over a 32 county Ireland.

If Arthur Griffith could only know that the name of his once great movement was usurped by treacherous Marxists I doubt he would ever have bothered to look for Irish independence. No one has a right to give our country away to blacks and Muslims. Our forefathers fought and died so that we might have our own Celtic country and people like you, who are in favour of giving all that away to third worlders, spit on the memory of people like Pearse, Collins, O’Donovan Rossa, Michael Davis, Wolfe Tone, Red Hugh O’Neill, Brian Boru and many many others.

You talk of removing our identity. What sort of identity can be seen on the streets of Dublin now? It’s full of hostile blacks and terrorist Muslims. Every council in the country is now putting these savages at the top of their housing lists ahead of Celts. People like you are doing more damage to our Celtic identity than any English regime ever managed to do.

 This sounds like National Front stuff Tony.. Branding all with the same brush.. I worked in Africa, in Swaziland and in Lesotho and the poverty in both countries is through the roof.. Surely because they are black doesn’t mean that they should not be allowed to live in Ireland and improve their lives, in the same way that the irish went all over the world for the same reason and were branded in the way that your party is now branding every Muslim and black person.. This in my opinion is incredibly Racist.
Is your party connected with national front organisations?
Branding entire peoples on the actions of minority radical groups which the majority want nothing to do with… Remember London in the 80’s, I was there, I was met with suspicion and not allowed into several bars because I had an Irish accent.. because all Irish were pre-supposed to be potential terrorists… This branding of people needs to stop.. It is not only racist, it is also incredibly stupid.

So you think we owe the millions of blacks a living simply because they can’t build a modern society for themselves. They are not children. They are adults and are responsible for themselves. Celts have a responsibility to the welfare of our Celtic race. There are four million Celts living on our island of Ireland. How many millions of blacks would you like to import to “improve their lives”? One million, two million, and have you considered the effect those numbers will have on our Celtic culture when it is diluted by 50% or more? FBI statistics in the US PROVE that blacks are a violent and anti-social group. Muslims are spreading Islamic terrorism around the world and you thing we should import millions of these creatures just because they are poor and because Sinn Fein needs a new constituency of welfare leeches to vote for them? It’s patent insanity – but then again so is the Marxist ideology of Sinn Fein as was proven in the USSR and elsewhere.

I am a proud White racist. I love my Celtic People, Culture and Country, just like Pearse and Collins and many others did before me. Racism is a good thing for every race as it ensures that each race puts it’s own welfare first. That is the natural order of things. But then again I remind myself that Marxists reject Nature in their insane pursuit of “equality”.

The Celtic Party have no connection with The National Front or any other organisation. That said I don’t recall the NF speaking up for IRA terrorists who busied themselves murdering our fellow European men women and children simply because they were English.

Left wing politics has had it’s day and people are fed up to the high teeth with it’s tyrannical ideology. The Rise of The Right is now inevitable. Get used to it or go live with your black pets in Nigeria.

Get some help. 


As you can see we take no prisoners when it comes to dealing with people like O’Connor who arguments, like all insane left wingers arguments, are based on emotion and guilt tripping and devoid of all logic. In the end all he can do is to resort to an inane childish comment. The future belongs to us dear European Brothers and Sisters. Let’s go make it happen.

Tony O’Neill
The Celtic Party ( formerly CPPI )

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  1. Joshua Markham says:

    The likes of John, O’Connor, Lynn Boylan et al live, breathe, talk and think nothing if its not arrant bloody arse-gravy. They relish an invitation to comment, but not to engage with issues raised, but rather to propagandise their cultural Marxism in the most maudlin, soft-soap, insincere slimy sort of slush way. Much better it would be to hit them with the epithet of treason, they so thoroughly deserve and otherwise deny them the respectability of air or comment on a site like this worthy.Always know one’s enemy and Arch enemy of the Irish race is Peter Sutherland who said our cultural homogeneity must be undermined. True Irish identity resides in ones haplogroups and not in any of the sophistry from this cosmopolitan Amshel Mayer Rothschild lookalike. His words and breath are those of the unfeed lawyer he most certainly is. I’d give you nothing for it!

    1. Micky says:

      Sutherland is probably related to Rothschild hence the resemblance.
      Both are as ugly as sin like the rest of the tribe.

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