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We should never forget the propensity for gang rape among third worlders.

The Celtic Party of Ireland are committed to keeping our people up to speed on the wonderful benefits of the “enrichment” and “diversity” being forced upon us by the top dogs.

As reported by The Independent.ie

Teenage girl ‘gang raped’ after being offered lift home

“It is understood that when all this evidence was gathered, senior officers decided to make the arrests this week. The suspects – one 17-year-old, two 20-year-olds and two 19-year-olds – were all picked up by gardaí on Wednesday and questioned at different stations in the Midlands”

Note there is no description of the five mentioned.

As reported by The Liberal.ie

Families warned to be on alert, after reports of an alleged abduction attempt in Navan, Co. Meath

“Gardai have advised parents to be on high alert in Navan, Co. Meath, after reports emerged of an alleged abduction attempt in the area. According to the reports, a man approached a teenage girl and her friend and ordered them to get into his car. The girls refused and fled the scene.”

Again no description of the perpetrator. Surely it would be of great value to parents and children alike in the Navan area to know of the general appearance of the individual in question. That said if the perp is black then I guess it would be racist to say so. We must always remember that no matter how violent they are we must never identify blacks as criminals.

Moving right along.

As reported in The Independent.ie

Mum loses €60,000 claim after being filmed jogging

“A mother-of-two was filmed jogging across a road after telling a consultant she could not move her right leg and ankle and was suffering serious back pain.”

Here is what the “mum” looks like:

A very “diverse” and “enriching” “mum”

“Circuit Civil Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke said that Stephen Bothma, private investigator with Core Group Investigations, had also filmed Esther Lamidi getting into her car without “any bother or restriction of movement“.”

Sounds like our “mum” is not very honest but then it is a black after all.

“Barrister Lisa Kelly, counsel for Zurich Insurance, and motorist John Lowry in a personal injuries claim against them for €60,000 said Ms Lamidi had told defence medical consultant Aidan Gleeson, on the day of the video recording, that she was “unable to function in any way“.“

There you go, this black female shows it’s gratitude for being allowed to invade our country by attempting to defraud an innocent bus driver who is working and paying taxes to pay for this wonderful piece of “diversity”.

“Ms Kelly told Ms Lamidi, an unaccompanied provisional licence holder, that she had ignored Mr Lowry twice beeping the horn at her and that she had failed to yield while his vehicle was in control of the junction….who said she could not remember if she had failed four, five or six driving tests,

No wonder our insurance premiums are going through the roof!

“…who wept almost continuously throughout her evidence, had not complained to her GP of back pain until almost 18 months after the accident.“

Whinge, whinge, whinge, please feel sorry for me because I am black.

The top dogs want to flood Ireland with “enrichers” from the third world but they are aided and abetted by left wing vermin like this creature:

This is Patrick Corcoran. He was caught with over 7,000 images and 21 videos of child pornography on a state owned computer he was using in his capacity as a civil servant. He has since been dismissed because of this.  Even though this creep was caught red handed he has avoided jail time which says volumes about the view the judiciary have of pedophilia.

As reported in The Independent.ie

“Staff at the then Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism discovered attempts to download inappropriate material on Patrick Corcoran’s (53) computer during a software upgrade at the Kildare Street offices in December 2009. Members of the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) seized a laptop and computer at Corcoran’s desk and later found 5,951 pornographic images of children between eight and 14 years old during a search of his former North Circular Road home.“

As you can see Corcoran is a very creepy individual indeed.

“Judge Martin Nolan handed down a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, but warned Corcoran that he would go to jail if caught with any more illegal pornographic material.“

I have known of people who have been imprisoned for failing to pay a motoring fine yet this judge does not see fit to jail this pervert!

When The Celtic Party win power there will be a lot of swamp draining to do…

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