Amazon “book burning”.

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
Boy, Is It HARD to Boycott Amazon

They’re everywhere-probably even in the camera and microphone of the laptop on your kitchen table (yes, it has both, even if you didn’t know it). Oh, wait! That would be the NSA, or the FBI, or … yes, Amazon.

How Amazon Became a Branch of Israel’s Ministry of Propaganda

The Israeli Government, through its propaganda headquarters Yad Vashem, demands that Amazon stop selling revisionist literature, and Amazon snaps to attention exclaiming “Yessssirrrr!” How come?

The Temperature at which Books Burn

Paper starts burning at 451°F all by itself. Figuratively speaking, Amazon just set a whole pile of books on fire. With the click of the mouse, these books simply ceased to exist. The reason? The social “temperature” in the United States has reached a burning hot 451°F…

Expanding the Legal definition of anti-Semitism.

One of the more successful stratagems in the battle against historical revisionism is the false claim that Holocaust “denial” is anti-Semitic.

Were Five or Six “Holocaust-Denial Book” Really Just Banned from Amazon?

A couple of days ago I checked my email inbox in the middle of the night, as I sometimes do …

Amazon Mass-Bans Dissident Materials

Amazon turns into the main enemy of free speech: mass-ban of books about dissident material on the mainstream narratives of the Holocaust and WWII…

Gilad Atzmon Talks about Zionist Pressure Groups & Jewish Identity Politics on Red Ice Radio

Gilad Atzmon speaks about the historically strained relationship between Jews and Europeans, anti-semitism among other topics.

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