Media lying about Merkel-Trump shaking hands


by Freeman — March 19, 2017 Translated from German with Google translate

The fake news media lies again, this time about the visit of Merkel to President Trump in Washington. The Swiss lie sheet NZZ brings the headline, “Merkel in the White House – Trump denies shaking hands”. 20WieNutten: “Trump Merkel does not want to give the hand”. The greasy gel: “Donald Trump does not shake Angela Merkel’s hand”. The German version of the SputnikNews also maintains the same claim: “Eklat in Washington: Trump denied Merkel Handshake”. All false claims. Here are photos showing a handshake between Trump and Merkel:

Upon arrival of Merkel am Weissenhaus:


After the joint press conference:


What is the purpose behind this false reporting of events? The fake news media want to depict Trump as an unpopular, disrespectful and rude bitch who has badly treated the mommy of the Germans. They lie, therefore, there was no shaking hands, as there are, as the photos prove.

What did not exist was a handshake on command of the press at the Oval Office. Trump is not a clown who does what the fake news winners demand. For the meeting with the Japanese Premier Abe, there was a longer handshaking and that did not fit the press, who were making fun of it.


Thus the Austrian courier wrote: “Half the world laughs at Donald Trumps bizarre welcome ritual.” How to shake hands properly. “

No matter what trump makes, whether he shakes or shakes, the mediahurs always find something to suspend. They are concerned not with the factual subjects of politics, but with superficiality, with completely unimportant and unimportant, as ammunition to the slander and defamation of President Trump.



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