The Fall of Western Man by Mark Collett – A Book Review



 “The enemies of the West have embarked on a mission to attack the psyche of Western man – their aim is to see the destruction of the Western superego in order to bring about the fall of the West.”

– Mark Collett


There is one aspect of the Cultural Marxist assault upon the West that goes unnoticed and is not spoken of anywhere near enough. Most people see the visual, societal manifestations of this most insidious of agendas in the form of Feminism, Multiculturalism, the effeminisation of the male and the Homosexual agenda etc, but the most devastating strategy employed by our enemies and which is not so easily seen, has been the psychological warfare employed against us.

In a new book written by former British National Party youth leader Mark Collett, the psychological aspect of the war against the West is laid bare for all to see with an excellent examination into the tactics used to both divide and destroy us as a people and as a culture. Mark clearly identifies how our enemies fully understand psychology and how they understood how the collective Western psyche developed over millennia could be used against us to achieve the goal of fracturing the institutions and values once held dear by our ancestors and which bonded Western Civilisation together into an almost impenetrable barrier to communism.


“The enemies of the West understand the complex working of the human mind and realise that to break a community and turn them into a group of mere individuals all that needs to be done is to convince those people to give into their immediate desires.” – Mark Collett

The main thrust of the book is centred on the Freudian concept of the id, the Ego, and Superego. He details in-depth how this triumvirate of psychological intricacies has been weaponised against Western man to destroy his connection to his past, his present and his future.

To give a quick overview of what the id, Ego and Superego are, i’ll give a brief description of each.

The id

This is the impulse part of our psychological makeup. An example used by Mark in the book is that of desiring food. You see something you desire, you take it and eat it without any consideration of the potential negative consequences. The id is concerned with instant gratification or to give it its Freudian term, it is the pleasure principle, the pursuit of instantaneous pleasure.

The Ego

This the reality principle in Freudian terminology. The Ego regulates the id by counteracting the pursuit of pleasure with a consideration of the possible implications. The Ego desires the same as the id, however it is a more cautious aspect of our psyche.

The Superego

This is the morality part of our psyche. It is concerned with what is right and wrong. It will make the individual choose whatever course of action is morally right in accordance with the shared values and cultural norms of the wider community. It makes one feel guilty of ones actions, or proud of ones actions.

I don’t want to go too much further into these three parts of our psychological makeup because the book does a much better job at explaining them and goes into much deeper detail than i can put into a book review.

Mark Collett, Author
Mark Collett

Needless to say, the book explains how the enemies of the West have unleashed the very worst excesses of the id at the same time as undermining both the Ego and Superego. Adherence to the pleasure principle, which is associated with the id, has become the dominant mindset amongst our people with little forethought for the long-term ramifications of their individual actions. Mark details how damaging this is for society and the family in particular which our enemies have targeted as one of the main foundations of the West to be weakened and destroyed. The traditional nuclear family unit has been the ideal way to raise children to be responsible and respectable members of society. Morality, a sense of right and wrong, and a sense of responsibility towards the wider community was mostly imparted via the family with both the mother and father playing specific roles in the raising of the child. Our enemies knew that putting a spanner in the working mechanisms of the traditional family would have a knock on effect for society in the long-term and so it has proved to be.

“Western man has witnessed the rise of the fatherless family, a place where children are brought up without the advice, order and discipline of a strong father figure. A place where mothers abandon their children to go partying and have children by multiple men in a desperate search to satisfy the id’s craving for sexual hedonism. Children are abandoned to be brought up by the television and learn to be without conscience or a genuine and healthy image of an ideal self.” – Mark Collett

Two examples of how the id has been unleashed with the intention of having damaging implications for society and the family unit have been the promotion of a culture of binge drinking and partaking in the recreational use of drugs along with the promotion of sexual anarchy through a rejection of Christian morality. With the advent of the sexual revolution during the 1960s, the natural consequence of sexual activity which was the inevitability of becoming pregnant, was no longer an issue as abortion on demand and the pill became widely available. There was no longer the need for a responsible attitude towards sex because there were now measures in place to prevent the natural progression to pregnancy. The result of the irresponsibility of the individual was now easy to eradicate with the popping of a pill or a visit to the local abortion clinic. With this newfound sexual ‘freedom,’ or as the Cultural Marxist left like to call it, ‘sexual liberation,’ both women and men were encouraged to become more sexually adventurous and promiscuous. This has also had an extremely detrimental effect in terms of population decline among the European people with the number of children born now below the required replacement levels. Feminism jumped onto the bandwagon telling women that they were prisoners to the home and that only ‘liberation’ from the family home would bring them happiness. Women and men now pursue the demands of the id over the pursuit of having a family. This means that at the same time as the family breaking down and society disintegrating morally and culturally, we are being replaced by newly imported high birthrate immigrants.

Two other concepts Mark puts forward in his book, are the idea of a Perfect Society and the Imperfect Society.

A Perfect Society as described by Mark, is a homogeneous group of people who come together with shared morals, shared values and wish to move forward as one, working together for the good of the community whilst not forgetting the rights and importance of the individual.

The Imperfect Society, also described by Mark, is a society that is no longer homogeneous and no longer cohesive.

The Imperfect Society is one that is fractured and divided into different groups with conflicting morals, values and cultures. The different groups do not work together for the betterment of the nation and the different groups within it, they work towards advancing their own group interests. Again the book goes into much deeper detail on these two concepts giving the reader much to ponder on.

Mark also writes about the positive and negative impact of role models in the home and in wider society and how children today are bombarded with so-called celebrities that they try and emulate. In the past role models were people who could be looked up to, admired and respected for a work of achievement, a sporting achievement or a great discovery of some kind. They were a positive influence on the young who saw them as people in wider society who they could try and emulate and just as they looked up to, respected and admired their fathers and mothers, they had other people who they could admire outside of the home. Today our youth have few role models to admire, most of the people that are promoted to them via the media and entertainment industry are the worst kind of people imaginable. They promote sex, alcohol, drugs and violence but whilst the youth of today are consuming this poison, their parents stand idly by allowing it because they see no harm in it as a result of themselves being subjected to the same psychological conditioning. The goal of promoting these degenerate ‘role models’ is to drive a wedge between the child and the family. They want to raise your children whilst you are out binge drinking and too preoccupied to care. If you can morally corrupt generation after generation then eventually you will be left with a disjointed society that has no moral compass other than what its psychological abusers provide it with. The advice, love and nurture that came from the family has been replaced with a sick and twisted inverted morality that is designed to destroy the family and Western Civilisation.

Another interesting feature of the book is the detailing of the origins of the Western family from the end of the last ice age and its evolution into what we know today as the nuclear family. He describes at length how both the male and female came to rely on each other to survive and how the crucial male female relationship was one of mutual cooperation with was complimentary rather than oppressive and hierarchical. I found it to be a particularly interesting part of this fine book.

There is so much more to this book than i can write here, only after finishing it will you value its content and enlightening information. You will better be able to look at the physical manifestations of Cultural Marxism you see around you by understanding the unseen and manipulated psychological machinations that enabled Cultural Marxism to succeed.

This book is a must read for anybody who wants to understand how Cultural Marxism has managed to be so successful across the West. It isn’t just their infiltration of our major institutions and the dissemination of poisonous ideas intended to destroy us that needs to be understood. People need to identify how they did it and how they used psychology to achieve their aims. We can all see the visual reality of Multiculturalism, we can see the Homosexual agenda in action, we can see the break up of the family and the disintegration of our society before our very eyes, but what many people cannot see, is the psychological engineering that has played a huge part in that disintegration. This is why this book is crucial reading. Mark has done a fantastic job and i thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Being aware of much of what he wrote about, I still learned much from the information and insights that flow freely from its pages.


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