Witnesses Exposed As Crisis Actors, London 3/22/17 Identified as Police State Pedophile Psyop

Introduction — April 2, 2017

The really telling evidence comes at the end of this short video. After 4 minutes 30 seconds a real eyewitness is interviewed who reports on seeing police preparations for the Westminster attack:
” I was on my way to film a University project and we just got to Westminster abbey where a load of armed police officers jumped out of cars. I would say maybe 50 of them or so. I basically thought it was a training exercise, which they’ve been doing all week.”

YouTube — March 31, 2017


fuggerfees — YouTube March 28, 2017

Save Sticky and Floppy
fuggerfees — Jan 12, 2017

Also see: Dead People in France Theatre are Dummies, Not Real Humans

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