How Feminists Debate Brilliantly Summed Up By One Cartoon


April 5, 2017 By


If you’ve ever had the displeasure of trying to have a discussion with a left-wing feminist, you’ll completely grasp this meme because you’ve lived it. If not, let us explain.

The original point of the feminist movement was to demand equality. Women wanted their independence and wanted to be treated equally to men. Unfortunately, since then it’s turned into nothing but an arm of the extreme left wing of the Democrat Party.

Feminists ceased being useful years ago. Once women gained their independence and actual equality (YES, WOMEN ARE EQUAL), that wasn’t good enough and they wanted special treatment because they have lady parts. This is when the feminist movement became a joke to be mocked, not followed.

These are the same women who hate being objectified as women, yet wear p*ssy hats and vagina costumes to make some a$$-backwards point about their lady parts. That’s really how insane they have become.

If you’re a man who argues with a feminist, especially a white straight man, forget it. Just walk away and don’t even bother. You have zero say on women’s issues, even if they actually affect you or your children. If you’re a minority male, they’ll cut you some slack though. And yes, they want you to pay for their birth control and abortions, but you have absolutely no say on either of these topics.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t agree with left-wing ideology and argues with a feminist, you somehow hate yourself and your own gender. Feminists are not about supporting all women no matter what life choices they make, they are only about supporting those women who agree with them and their extreme left-wing views.

Forget logic and reasoning with these women, they can’t understand normal thinking. They use emotions to make up excuses for whatever left-wing cause they jump on next, and never bother to actually think through the ramifications for women of some of their actions.

These are the women who are pushing for transgender women, who are physically men but “feel” like they are women, to have the same rights as actual women. Their own left-wing lunacy is going to wipe their cause out completely, which isn’t actually a bad thing.

These women are an embarrassment to all women in the country.

Below, if you can handle it, is a video of a left-wing femi-nutjob who couldn’t handle the fact that Donald Trump was elected. She is a prime example of left-wing feminists and why they should indeed be ignored and mocked:

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