April 7 2017


A devastating poll has revealed massive support for ISIS among the millions of Muslims living in Britain.

The horrors and atrocities we think of as acts carried out by savage fanatics in war torn Iraq and Syria has an alarming level of backing from what politicians call ‘moderate British’ Muslims.

The shocking results came to light in a report published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) after extensive polling was carried out asking Muslims in Britain to rate their feelings for ISIS and the acts carried out by those religious fanatics.

It is almost beyond belief that the British Government could even conceive of the questions which they asked a random but sizable sample of Muslims – to rank countries and terror groups 1-10 depending on how “warmly and favourably” they felt towards them!

In a stunningly unconcerned and arrogant manner, as many as 80% of Muslims OPENLY and proudly claimed support for ISIS.


The most virulent support for Islamic terrorist mass murderers and mutilators was, unsurprisingly, found in the younger Muslims with up to 20% of the under 25s scoring a 10 for ISIS – rating the terror group maximum support, 10 out of 10, for their savagery.

Given that Britain has been colonised by Muslims who now make up 12% of the population, and 80% of them support ISIS – you do the maths!

This wake up call comes as the latest census shows Christianity is dramatically on the decline from a country that was once 98.6% Christian to now less than 50%.

Worse still, more than half the declared Christians are over 50-years-old.

While our young people lose their religion – a lynchpin of our cultural heritage – young Muslims are being radicalised at alarming rates.

The number of Muslims living in Britain today has DOUBLED in the last 10 years as the number of people identifying themselves as Christians has halved!

Director of the British Religion in Numbers project at the University of Manchester, Clive Fields, said:

“It explains why we have at least five British citizens going away to fight holy war or jihad every week and at least 500, that we know about, over there already”

The politicians in Britain are actively facilitating the Islamist takeover of Britain.


Even those with the conviction and courage to speak out are silenced into submission.

The politicians have caused this mess by way of their Politically Correct agenda, and their corruption and cowardliness.

They will lead the British people to oblivion unless YOU TAKE ACTION today to join those fighting to save our country.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. suninearth says:

    Fake poll ?!

    1. Micky says:

      Yes it’s more like 99%🤣

      1. suninearth says:

        ISIS consider other muslims as disbelievers. Believe me, your poll doesn’t make any sense.

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