Kathleen Sullivan – Mind Controlled Slave


cathy fox blog on child abuse

Trigger Warning – pictures and text are disturbing

Kathleen Sullivan’s book Unshackled, about her life as a mind controlled slave is less well known than Cathy O’Briens and Brice Taylor’s books on mind control. It should not be.

It is a true story of a girl abused and mind controlled by torture and trauma since a baby, by her father, various US secret services and covert personnel and institutions.

Kathleen’s mind was shattered into over a thousand alters, many of which were black ops and assassination alters.

My post on Fiona Bartlett – My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride”  [9] which comprised pictures that she had drawn in therapy is extremely popular, partly I think because it crosses any language barriers. This present post on Kathleen Sullivan includes the pictures Kathleen drew in therapy, which all come from her book Unshackled [2] pdf download [2a]


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