‘Bleeding heart liberal’ changes view on refugees after working on migrant rescue boats

Chris Campbell — Daily Express April 23, 2017


The caller, whose husband worked on the boats last year, said they were both previously thought of as “bleeding heart liberals” but have since changed their minds.

Speaking to Hopkins on LBC, she revealed her husband said older males on the boats were not being checked properly and often pushed in front of women and children.

She said: “It was a really, really traumatic time for him. He was doing three week stints and they were picking bodies out of the sea of babies, women.

“It was awful but at the same time he said they were processing men, adults in their thirties who all had phones with ISIS stuff on the phones.

“They were being separated. When they were being handed over to the authorities with the information explaining that these guys had all this on their phones and what their ages were and they were just being processed through.

“It broke his heart because he was dealing with families who were in such a terrible state, with young babies who so clearly needed rescuing and yet you had adult males that were pushing women and children to the back of the queue.

The caller added she and her husband were now less welcoming than they had previously been.

“My family think I’m a bleeding heart liberal and I would just wave everyone in and say ‘come on, we’ll help’ and my husband was of a very similar opinion, that people needed help,” she said.

“He’s now turning into someone I don’t recognise because of what he has physically seen. He is starting to say this is not all people looking for help, there are people here that are out for their own self interest.

Earlier this month, more than 2,000 migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe were rescued by the Italian coastguard in the space of 24 hours.

During the 16-part rescue operation, 2,074 migrants were picked up from inflatable rafts and dinghies, according to the local Adnkronos news agency.

It is understood one dead body was found during the rescue mission.

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