New York Times: Macron Denies Access to 2 Russian Media Outlets in French Campaign

MONDAY / MAY 1, 2017

New York Times: How Macron Would Fix the French Economy


It is quite obvious that Sulzberger’s Slimes prefers Globalist Emmanuel Macron over the “far right” Marine Le Pen to win the upcoming Presidential LFS (Le Freak Show) de France.  Just to keep the record straight, in the sick twisted lexicon of European politics, “far right” actually means center-left. The twice-divorced Le Pen cohabitates with a man of half Algerian Jewishdescent and she is benefiting greatly from the oh-so-convenient fake terror attacks in France in much the same way that Trumpstein benefited from the fake terror attacks in America, (hmmmm, Netanyahu’s war against the EU Globalists?). Of course, Le Pen is preferable to the usual Marxist scum of the French Left, but in no way is she a secret “fascist” — unfortunately.

Following the template of America’s young Golden Boy Obongo, and Italy’s young Golden Boy Renzi, young Macron (39) is also being hyped-up to the stars as a “centrist” and an “outsider” who will shake up the establishment. True to the Globalist script, the Macron campaign, citing the phony pretext of “Russian hacking,” has just confirmed that Russian media outletsSputnik and Russia Today will be denied accreditations to cover the final week of the Macron campaign. Just the familiar stink of this usual recipe alone should suffice to tell us all we need to know about this putrid little Euro-commie creep. But a bit of basic research confirms that the rotten smell is exactly what we suspected it to be.

We learned and confirmed, just from the opening paragraph of his Wikipedia summary, that in 2008, the then-30-year old Macron became an investment banker at the “prestigious” Rothschild & Cie Bank of Paris — the modern day version of which was “re-created by David de Rothschild, Eric de Rothschild and Edouard de Rothschild in 1984.” Enough said.

1. Macron (center) with David de Rothschild (older man with gray hair) — You know the story.   2. Le Pen allegedly opposes Globalism.


There really was no need to read any further at that point. “Youse guys” already know what the Rothschild connection means.But Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat insisted we keep digging. And lo and behold, we found that in addition to Macron being a faithful servant of the usual suspects, his deranged, and we really do mean in a literal sense, deranged libtard wife totally rules over him. This is to be expected. For not only is Macron a “modern man,” but his wife (who should have been locked up in prison or a mental asylum many years ago) is old enough to be his mother.

Macron is married to his former school High School drama teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, now age 64. They first met when he was her 15year-old student and she was already a married 40-year-old mother of threeher middle daughter a classmate of teen-age Macron! Over his parents strong objections and numerous attempts to keep crazy Brigitte away from their son, the two “officially” became a couple when he turned 17. They eventually married in 2007.

Sacre bleu!


It gets even freakier. The best man at the wedding of Macron and Mom was the late Henry Hermand (1924-2016), a billionaire businessman and socialist who loaned 550,000 Euros to Macron for the purchase of his first apartment in Paris. Hermand, a bachelor rumored to have been homosexual, also let his boy toy use his offices on the Avenue des Champs Élysées in Paris. As with the flaming sodomite Obongo, homosexual rumors have swirled about Macron as well — the most recent linking him to a French Radio mogul named Mattieu Gallet. (here)

From what we understand, Le Pen (who has been kissing kosher butt more and more lately) has been rapidly closing ground on Golden Boy and his surrogate mother. We suspect that if elected on May 8th, Le Pen, like Trumpstein, might apply a few bandages to badly bleeding France. But we only expect her to “negotiate a better deal” in regard to the European Union instead of the needed pullout from the Beast of Brussels. As for the long term prospects of France, well, regardless of the outcome of this election, any nation that would allow the perverted likes of Macron and Mom to come this close to the Presidency is one that is already a dead nation walking. Same goes for America. Macron laughs off widespread rumours of sexual affair with French radio boss

1. After mom-wife Brigitte ruined Macron’s young mind, Sugar Daddy Hermand busted his butt-hole.   2. Macron and president of France Radio, Mathieu Gallet, both 40, have been sodomistically linked.  3. I know Monsieur Bonaparte, I know.

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