Demand justice for Chelsey Wright!

On September 4, 2016, Chelsey Wright, a young mother of three woke up on the floor of a stranger’s bedroom. She had been undressed, she had been assaulted and she quickly realised she had been raped.

The unknown assailant wouldn’t let Chelsey out the room, he beat her and laughed at her attempts to escape.

But as he let another man into the room, Chelsey managed to escape. A witness, who spoke to the Rebel, heard screaming and when she went to the window saw men running after her, pulling her by her hair and dragging her back into the house before she fought her way back out.

The next day Chelsey underwent a full rape exam, which uncovered two counts of semen, one of them inside her body. The exam also showed extensive injuries and traces of Rohypnol. All this occurred, yet the police made no convictions.

The police initially arrested six Syrian and Iraqi “refugees” but quickly released them, even moving them into a safe house.

The police have even now dropped the case.

It has been left to Chelsey and her community to seek justice, organising marches and meetings with police and local councillors. (The next march is scheduled for Saturday, May 13, in Sunderland.)

But none of this has worked and the authorities have consistently failed to fully investigate the case, even ignoring witness testimonies.

We believe the case needs further investigation and we must demand that Independent Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird DBE QC personally intervene to ensure that justice is done.

If you want to see justice for Chelsey and to prevent more cases like hers, please sign the petition below today.

The Petition

We demand that the Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird personally oversee a full investigation into the rape of Chelsey Wright and see that charges are brought.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ewan Jones says:

    Hi is there a website with details about the next march? Can you post a link to it, or email me the details about the march. Thanks.

    1. Micky says:

      Hi Ewan
      The only site I know with any info on this travesty of justice is travesty
      If I find more I will let you know.

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