New York Times: Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Killings Places At 4,000,000



Soviet Commission Reports Death Camp in Poland Was Founded by Himmler




How poetically appropriate that today’s 72nd anniversary of “Victory in Europe Day” (V-E Day) should almost perfectly coincide with “Death in Europe Day, 2017.” Yesterday’s election of a barely-closeted French faggot, cocaine addict, open borders champion and Rothschild banker boy — who married his formerly married-with-three-children High School teacher 24 years his senior — marks the final nail in the coffin of whatever little chance France (and any other remaining province of Soviet Europe) had of ever escaping the EU Monster and saving itself. Au Revoir France!


1. Emmanuel Marcon & Mom wife.  2. Marcon topless on Garcon, a French homosexual & tranny magazine  3. Turd-World invaders living in tents under a subway bridge in Globalist France.


Enough of this miserable little Marxist mangina. Today’s May 8th rebuttal will focus on a May 8th, 1945 (V-E Day)  piece about what Stalin’s gang of NKVD cutthroats discovered at Auschwitz (bow your head in solemn reverance when you say that word)in January of 1945, but waited until the very day of Germany’s unconditional surrender to make public — thus rendering the suddenly shut-down and silenced German government and press powerless to deny any of the absurd allegations being made against Germany.

Haz Mat suits and goggles on, boys and girls, into the time machine for a dip in Sulzberger’s cesspool of yesteryear.


Page 12, Column 5

C L Sulzberger: Moscow- More than 4,000,000 persons were systematically slaughtered in a single German concentration camp – that at Oswiecim in Poland, near Cracow from 1939 – 1944. The Germans thus accomplished with scientific efficiency the greatest incidence of mass murder in recorded history.

Rebuttal: For nearly 50 years, the “4,000,000 dead” of Auschwitz stood as an unchallenged “fact” of history. Then, after certain “Holocaust Deniers” TM began poking about Auschwitz and researching the claims, the official number, though still a big lie, was suddenly chopped down to 1,000,000 during the late 1990’s. So, right from the start, this article was Fake News!


Lowered from 4 million to 1 million …Ooops!


C L Sulzberger: This slaughter exceeds in barbaric intention and method not only the greatest brutalities of such infamous conquerors as Genghis Khan but also surpasses even Germany’s own record in previous prize exhibitions  at Maldenak, Dachau and Buchenwald.

Rebuttal: And how exactly would you know this, Mr. Sulzberger?

C L Sulzberger: Such is the miserable tale made public today – on the eve of the official end of the European War – by theSoviet Union’s Extraordinary State Commission investigating the extermination center at Oswiecim…..these are the first statistical data of the camp’s record.

Rebuttal:  Oh, Stalin’s “Extraordinary State Commission” says so. Well now, that changes everything. For a moment there, we thought you were making these numbers up. But now that we know that Stalin’s gang is your source, it must be true. (rolling eyes, heavy on the sarcasm).

By the way, this was the very same “Extraordinary State Commission” (Its full ceremonial name was: “Extraordinary State Commission for Ascertaining and Investigating Crimes Perpetrated by the German-Fascist Invaders and their Accomplices”)which tried to falsely blame the Germans for slaughtering 10,000 Polish officers at Katyn Forest; and the Finns for slaughtering Russian civilians and putting whole villages in concentration camps. Such allegations were so ludicrous that even the Stalin-loving Allies wouldn’t allow them to be considered during the Nuremberg Kangaroo Court trials of 1946.

C L Sulzberger: According to the Soviet Commission, “more than 4,000,000 citizens of the Soviet Union, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and other countries…..were exterminated at Oswiecim. The methods used were “shooting, famine, poisoning and monstrous tortures.”

Rebuttal: All this in between soccer games and concerts; and right under the noses of the Red Cross inspectors who were given regular access to Auschwitz.


1. St. Joseph would NEVER engage in atrocity propaganda!  2.The Soviets massacred 10,000 Polish officers at Katyn. The “Extraordinary Commission” that the Sulzberger clan trusted so much tried to pin the blame on Germany.  3. Journalist C L Sulzberger, like the rest of his criminal family, loved Joe Stalin and ignored all of his REAL atrocities for decades!


C L Sulzberger: The report states that gas chambers, crematoria, surgical wards, laboratories and clinics were erected around Oswiecim to accomplish this mass production monstrosity.

Rebuttal: “The report states,” eh? Because as we all know, Stalin and his henchmen at the “Extraordinary State Commission for Ascertaining and Investigating Crimes Perpetrated by the German-Fascist Invaders and their Accomplices” (rolling eyes) were honest and honorable men.

C L Sulzberger: According to the Soviet report…

Rebuttal:  There you go again! “According to the Soviet report,” eh? Because as we all know, and as previously stated, Stalin and his henchmen were honest and honorable men.

C L Sulzberger:  German doctors conducted their experiments on healthy persons, including castration, sterilization of women, artificial infection with cancer, typhus and malaria germs, tests of the effects of poisons and the destruction of children by injections into the heart of carbolic acid or the simpler method of heaving them into furnaces.

Rebuttal: Yeah, sure. Just like the Germans shrunk the heads of dead Jews and made soap and lampshades from their bodies(American claims).

C L Sulzberger: …..Public baths were installed for group cyanide poisoning.

Rebuttal: Says who, Sulzberger? Says who?

C L Sulzberger: ….The report states …

Rebuttal: Again! “The report states.” Because as we all know, Stalin and his “Extraordinary Commission” were honest and honorable men.


The American and the Soviet script-writers competed for best work of literary fiction.

1. Albert Rosenberg (cough cough) was put in charge of documenting the shrunken heads of Buchenwald. He worked for the Psychological Warfare Division of the US.  2. Ilsa Koch — wife of the camp commander at Buchenwald — was convicted of having lamp shades fashioned from human flesh. Today, even the Jewish High Priests of Holocaustianty admit that the lamps were made of goat leather, not human flesh. Ilsa committed suicide in prison.  3. The Jewish High Priests of Holocaustianty also admit that the “gas chamber” at Dachau was not a gas chamber after all.


C L Sulzberger: … that in 1943 the frugal Germans decided to sell the unburned bones to the firm of Schterheim….in addition to the 113 tons of crushed bones, loads of women’s hair were sold for industrial purposes.

Rebuttal: If Stalin says so, well …

C L Sulzberger: …..human guinea pigs were kept alive for experimentation.

Rebuttal: Anything you say, Stalin, anything you say.

C L Sulzberger: It is also reported …

Rebuttal: By Stalin and friends.

C L Sulzberger: … that hundreds of thousands of children, from infants up to 16 years of age were exterminated. Babies in the camps were killed if they survived the attempted abortions on their mothers.

Rebuttal: As even the Jewist-Marxist Forward now confirms, as many as 3000 babies were born at Auschwitz. (here) So this claim of forced abortions and baby-killing is Fake News!

The three 'miracle children', Eva, Mark, and Hana (pictured l-r together) only learned of each others' existence five years ago when they were reunited at an event for camp survivors



1 & 2: Auschwitz babies: Anka Nathanova and Priska Lowenbeinova // 3: Auschwitz “Miracle Babies” reunite as elderly adults.


C L Sulzberger: Pravda, commenting on the monstrous tale, repeats the Allied pledge to hunt the criminals to the ends of the earth, adding “were it not for the Red Army, Europe would still be covered with packages of women’s hair and crushed human bones trademarked from Oscwiecim.”

Rebuttal:  Pravda, eh? (trying not to laugh out loud) — Anything you say, Mr. Stalin and Mr. Sulzberger. Anything “youse guys” say.


Sp, there you have it, boys and girls. Belief in the Auschwitz Fairy Tale requires, by necessity, absolute blind trust in the declarations of Stalin’s murderous commissar underlings of theExtraordinary State Commission for Ascertaining and Investigating Crimes Perpetrated by the German-Fascist Invaders and their Accomplices.” Just think about that, really think about that — and let the astonishing realty of it all settle in.

Quote to Remember:

“History is Fake News in the rear-view mirror.”

– Mike King

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