The Death of the White Race


Deconstructing Leftism

I write this without hope it will do any good, or even that anyone will read it. Maybe some Chinese researcher combing the archives in a thousand years, looking into the disappearance of the Europeans. He will snort, in that uniquely Chinese way, at how obvious it all was and quickly move on.

White people aren’t going to die out completely. They are too useful for that. A few pure ones may even exist out in the boonies somewhere. What part of the genome that does survive will be largely mixed with Asians and of course Jews- rich Jews may yet be acquiring blonde shiksa trophy wives, although that will probably be just a hush, whispered legend among them.

But mostly white people will be gone, because they are a nuisance and aren’t needed in large numbers. You read this all the time without being convinced, so let me explain…

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