NY Times: Solemn Trump Calls for Unity After Congressman’s Shooting


NY Times: Virginia Shooting Suspect Was Distraught Over Trump’s Election, Brother Says


NY Times: Solemn Trump Calls for Unity After Congressman’s Shooting


From what we can tell of yesterday’s baseball-field shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) and others by a now deceased sniper, the event itself — unlike that phony shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) a few years back —appears to have been real. In the absence of any substantive evidence to the contrary, we will, at least for now, conditionally, and for the sake of argument, accept the official version which holds that a “distraught” (due to the result of the election) Left-Wing fanatic, who conveniently died in the hospital, was out to murder as many Republicans as possible.


https://media2.s-nbcnews.com/j/msnbc/components/video/201706/new_live_scalise_170614.nbcnews-ux-1080-600.jpg https://i0.wp.com/hotair.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/ScaliseShooting.jpg https://i0.wp.com/s3-origin-images.politico.com/2013/01/30/130130_giffords_ap_605.jpg

We believe, at least at this point in time, that Scalise was actually shot. The Giffords injury of 2011 was an anti-gun fake-op (here) — though there was a conservative Federal judge who probably was killed as part of that same event.


That said, the thing that irritated us most about the incident was not the alleged injury to House Majority “whip” Scalise (we don’t give a damn) — but rather, the disappointingly pathetic response of de-balled Republican’ts from the “solemn” Trumpstein on down. Whereas the demagogic and demonic Demoncraps wasted no time at all in twisting the shooting into another argument for “gun control,” there was not a word from top Republican’ts condemning the vicious Piranha Press for inciting the hatred which led to this shooting.

Amazing! One would think that after being handed the moral high ground on a silver platter by the Communist shooter, James Hodgkinson, age 66 (hmmmm) — the Republican’ts would have used the occasion to rightfully and powerfully counter-attack and neuter the Leftist Demonrat-media complex for its outrageous non-stop hate campaign against Trumpstein.



1&2. Activist & Tweeter James Hodgkinson — “Trump is a traitor.”   3. Age 66 — coincidence, or the latest Satanic scam thrown right in our face? Could Hodgkinson have been set up as the Oswald-type patsy?


But instead of attacking, as usual, there was no such manly talk to be heard from House Speaker Eddie Munster Ryan nor the creepy-as-heck mumbling Senate Leader Bitch McConnell. If these weasels can’t even summon a few drops of testosterone over the shooting of a fellow GOP leader (#3 rank in the House), then they are even more pathetic than we had imagined. With the golden opportunity of the moment lost, Sulzberger’s Slimes is already redefining the event as the result of the harsh rhetoric “of both sides” — thus drawing a ridiculous moral equivalence between a “distraught” would-be mass murderer of the violent Left and peaceful conservatives who never attack anybody!

As for the suddenly de-balled and “solemn” Trumpstein, the best that he his speech-writers could muster were the usual pious, puke-filled platitudes, such as “we are deeply saddened by this tragedy” and “our prayers go out to the Scalise family” (barf!)and “the police were heroes” (rolling eyes) blah blah blah. One thing is certain, this Marxist media hate-fest may subside for a few days, but it isn’t going to end anytime soon. And the Republican’ts fear of the radical Left Media will only embolden them even further.


https://mikeyyblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/bd7a3-paul-ryan-totally-looks-like-eddie-munster-political-meme.jpg?w=318&h=207 https://i1.wp.com/img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/scalefit_720_noupscale/58519ca9120000c40beef4eb.jpeg https://i1.wp.com/static1.businessinsider.com/image/59415a2dbf76bb1d008b5f5c-1164/screen%20shot%202017-06-14%20at%20114507%20am.png

A leader of the GOP is shot by a devotee of the Communist Bernie Sanders, and neither Eddie Munster Ryan, nor Bitch McConnell, nor the “kinder, gentler” version of Sympathizer-In-Chief Donald Trumpstein dared to directly connect the media’s relentless incitement against Republican’ts to the shooting.

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