The Political Pope Francis – Man Above God – George Neumayr


By Greg Hunter’s

Best-selling author George Neumayr’s new book is called “The Political Pope.” Neumayr reveals, “How Pope Francis is delighting the liberal left and abandoning conservatives.” Neumayr explains, “The irony with this Pope is that he doesn’t particularly like Catholics. He views devout Catholics with a certain amount of distain, and that’s why the left likes him so much. He see’s Catholics in the same way they do. They see them as ridged and pharisaical, and he’s used those same terms to describe them. In many ways, he is adopting some of the anti-Catholic invective that is popular on the fashionable left, which has been for many decades anti-Catholic. With the Pope on the chair of Saint Peter, who is criticizing Catholics saying they are too conservative . . . the media is eating up this Pope.”

Neumayr, who is a devout Catholic, goes on to say, “I would call him a post-Christian Pope . . . in an age that is becoming less and less Christian. It is becoming more and more focused on humanism and not on God. It’s more on man and man’s political schemes, most of which are left-wing political schemes which this Pope is endorsing. So, in some ways, he is a post-Christian Pope.”

Pope Francis urged President Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. Neumayr thinks, “Pope Francis is more worried about saving the planet than saving souls.” Neumayr also reveals this Pope is pushing global government. Neumayr says, “If you read his encyclicals, there is a section on world government and how the United Nations should have the power to compel countries to adopt these climate change regulatory norms. There have been a number of Vatican officials that have endorsed the concept of world government.”

In closing, Neumayr says, “Pope Francis is promoting every religion except his own, and one of the religions he promotes the most is Islam. He has repeatedly called Islam the religion of peace even as its militant branches grow stronger. He’s made apologies for eruptions of Islamic terrorism. You wouldn’t expect a Catholic Pope to sound like a spokesman for CAIR.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with George Neumayr, best-selling author of the new book“The Political Pope.”

After the Interview:

George Neumayr is a seasoned journalist. He is currently a contributing editor to The American Spectator. Neumayr has also written for Investor’s Business Daily, The Washington Times and the Daily Caller, to name a few.

To keep up with George Neumayr, you can go to his Facebook page by clicking here.
If you wish to buy a copy of his new book called “The Political Pope” click here.

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