Google Fires Employee Who Questioned “Diversity”


Commentary — Aug 8, 2017


Political correctness now prevails almost without question throughout our culture. Those who do dare question its dictates soon find out that they’ve stepped out of line with reprimands or worse.
The author of an internal memo at Google, which questioned the company’s drive for gender diversity, has just discovered this to his cost. He’s been fired.
Essentially, James Damore, the memo’s author argued that “biological” differences between men and women might account for the preponderance of men in the tech industry.
In the same way that men tend to make up most road repair crews, where their physical strength makes them better suited to the task than women, Damore argued that men might simply be better suited, mentally and emotionally, to careers in hi-tech.
As a result, he continued, “We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism”.
The preponderance of males in the tech industry may have less to do with discrimination and sexism and more to do “men’s higher drive for status”, Damore wrote. This is in contrast to most women who, he argues, tend to “look for more work-life balance”.
Entitled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” Damore’s memo has triggered a firestorm of debate and accusations of, yes, “sexism” too.
Damore’s memo specifically criticizes Google for its ongoing diversity and inclusion programs, which include among other things encouraging employees to take classes in unconscious bias.
Some might see in those classes the sort of reorientation and re-education that was once favoured by the old communist regimes. Although attendance at Google’s classes was no doubt not compulsory, non-attendance wouldn’t do much for your career prospects at the company either.
We reserve judgement on the memo itself and leave readers to decide for themselves as it can be read in full here.
However, the corporate media’s response to the memo speaks volumes about the prevalence of political correctness in our culture and how it is being promoted by the same media.
Vox claims “James Damore’s sexist screed indicted all of Silicon Valley”.
While the Guardian states that “Google staffer’s hostility to affirmative action sparks furious backlash“, which left “female staff members shaking in anger”.
For her part Google’s vice-president of diversity, integrity and governance (yes Google has a “vice-president of diversity”), Danielle Brown maintains:
“We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company.”
With its continued emphasis in the corporate media and culture in general “diversity” begins to look suspiciously like it’s becoming a matter of dogma. So as to question it is now almost tantamount to heresy.
Why else would someone who disputes its value suddenly find themselves out of work and castigated by all and sundry?
In Stalin’s Russia those who questioned the official line would soon find themselves interned in gulags. Fortunately, we are nowhere near that point but make no mistake, with political correctness at the helm we are now being steered in that direction. Ed.

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