Eustace Mullins: Communism is Jewish Cabalism


August 19, 2017

A plank in the Communist Manifesto was the establishment of a private central bank. Every country with one will gradually become Communist because the Cabalist Jewish central bankers must extend their fraudulent monopoly over national credit toa total political, economic and cultural monopoly i.e. Communist tyranny. 
Communism is Cabalism, a Satanic cult which inverts reality and morality. It dehumanizes and degrades Jew and non-Jew alike. We have been inducted into this cult . Just look at the hysterical cult-like reaction to Trump by mainstream media, politicians and corporate CEOs who are all central bankers lackeys. There is very little independent thought or investigation. Say good bye to Western civilization and hello to the NWO.  
Disclaimer- I disagree with Mullins’ assertion that the “parasitism” of the bankers represents all Jews.  I am not a parasite nor is my family nor are many Jews. They work as hard as anyone else. Nor do they know anything about their “religion” or the bankers’ pernicious agenda. I realize that Jews are at the forefront of the NWO but most other Jews are dupes like everyone else. Mullins was a racist in that he imputed certain characteristics to all Jews regardless of their actual beliefs and individual behavior. Amazing how people who feel aggrieved are the first to victimize other innocent parties. 

Mullins’ New History of the Jews 

by Eustace Mullins

(Excerpt by 

With their usual talent for confusing the issues, the Jews have created a number of smokescreens to hide their latest gift to the world, the philosophy of Communism. What is Communism? In some millions of words written on this subject in thousands of books published by the Jews, you will not find the one sentence which will explain Communism — Communism is the modern form of the Jewish collective state.

What are the principles of Communism?

First of all, Communism is international in scope. It denies the principles of national- ism.

Second, Communism denies Jesus Christ and His love for the individual. It also denies the principle of salvation of the soul, which is the basis of all Christian belief.

Third , Communism denies to the individual all human rights, such as private property, a voice in the government, or the right to question the authority of the collective state.

goy-bye.jpgThese, then, are the fundamental principles of Communism. Oddly enough, these are also the fundamental principles of the Jews. Internationalism, hatred of Jesus Christ, hatred of the individual, the denial of human rights, the dictatorship of the collective state. These are equally basic to both Jewish political movements and Communist political movements. One should not be surprised, then, to find that a Jew, Karl Marx, is the father of the philosophy of Communism.

We have already discussed the iron discipline under which the individual Jew lives, the dictatorship exercised by the Elders of Zion over every aspect of Jewish life. This Jewish dictatorship, extended over the gentiles, is then called Communism.


But, one may ask, why do the Jews — attack the principle of private property when the Jews already own 80% of the private property in the Western nations? First of all, by the term private property the Jew means property which is still owned by the gentiles. Under Talmudic law, gentiles are beasts who cannot be allowed to own anything, neither homes, nor land, nor personal property. Therefore in carrying out the seizure of private property from the gentiles, the Jews are simply following a basic principle of their religion.

When Communists take over a country, the first thing they do is to murder all of the gentile leaders — the professors, doctors, government officials, and any other gentiles who might lead opposition against them. This follows the basic Jewish command, “The best of the gentiles — kill!” …

Since the Jewish people do not believe in individual rights, the concept of private property is alien to them. Every Jew considers the wealth of other Jews as part of the Israeli national wealth. Although individual Jews may have the use of their money during their lifetimes, they must contribute heavily to Jewish institutions, finance Jewish revolutionary movements, bribe officials to cover up Jewish ritual murders, and spend most of their income on purely Jewish matters. After their death, their money must go to Jews, and under no circumstances is it allowed to pass into gentile hands. Therefore, the Jews set up Zionist foundations, avoiding all taxes on their money, despite the punitive Marxist taxation laws which they enact and enforce on the gentiles.

(Rabbi explains that Hitler hated Jews because most were Communist, and agrees he was right!)

But how can Jewish bankers be Communists, asks the earnest citizen? Everyone knows that Communists attack bankers, and confiscate their wealth.

Nevertheless, tons of documents prove that all funds for the growth of Communism throughout the world have come from Jewish bankers. The chief source has been the Jewish-controlled Bank of England, and the Bank of France. These are departments of what Senator de Villain called “the High Jew Bank”, which is administered by the Rothschild family. Thus we find that a supposedly private Jewish fortune is used principally in Jewish activities and in financing the international Jewish Communist revolutionary movement.

Also, despite the fact that the Jews own or control most of the property in Christian nations, it is the peculiar characteristic of the Jew parasite that he must dominate every action and detail in the life of the gentile host. Without this complete dictatorship over the gentile, without the fury and the schizophrenia of the Jew which makes it necessary, modern life would lose much of its direction, for the Jew can never feel wholly secure. A Rothschild with his billions has the same nightmare as the little Jewish tailor down the street, the fear that some day, he may be driven off of the gentile host, that he may be denied his parasitic existence. Therefore, he has to attain a life and death power over the gentile host.

Most gentiles make the error of supposing that the Jew is interested only in money. This is a dangerous oversimplification. If the Jew were only interested in money, he would no longer be a problem, for he already has our money. The Jew is interested in money primarily as a weapon, an instrument of power over the gentile host. …

Harry-Waton-Quote-2.png(l. “brotherhood” talk is to dupe the goyim)

Communism is merely the next step in the Jewish parasite’s furious desire to subdue and control the gentile host. First comes the financial power, then the government dictatorship of Communism. Under Communism, the Jew does not have to bribe gentile officials. He merely signs their order of execution. Weak gentiles are sent to concentration camps; strong ones, who might become leaders, and who might present a threat to the rabbinical theocracy which rules the state, are tortured and murdered. After a few years of Jewish Communist rule, there are no gentile leaders left, and the gentile survivors sink into a state of hopeless apathy, for the tension which brought the Communist state into being, the need for the Jewish parasite to control the gentile host, no longer exists. Jews and gentiles alike slip into a life of shabby hopelessness. What sort of life is this? It is the life of the ghetto. A Communist state is merely a ghetto of a nation.

HOOVER-QUOTE.jpegAll visitors from the West who enter a Communist country remark immediately on the drabness of people and cities alike. Everything is shabby and rundown. The spark of life has been extinguished. The gentiles exist in a zombie half-world of fear and poverty, while fat Jews travel from one vacation resort to another, accompanied by blond mistresses in sable coats. Despite their obvious pleasures, the Jew also finds Communism a boring existence. Why is this? Every stroke of invention, every bit of creative life, has come from the gentile, because the earthbound Jews, living collectively and hating the individual, lack any imaginative or creative instinct. They have always had to get this from the gentiles. Now it is gone, for under Communism, the gentiles have no money or leisure to develop new inventions or works of art.

Consequently, the Jew loses his reason for existence. The driving purpose of Jewish life for five thousand years has been to subdue or control the gentile host. Once this has been achieved, the Jew has nothing left to live for. He has destroyed the spark of life in the gentile host, and he is horrified to discover that he has, by so doing, extinguished the spark of life in himself, for his own life was wholly dependent on the life of the host.

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