Israel threatens to bomb Bashar Al-Assad’s palace if Iran intervenes further


Introduction — Aug 28, 2017

Although there has been some speculation that unnerved by growing Iranian influence in Syria Israel may be preparing to strike, we don’t believe that would encompass a strike on Iran itself.
Iran’s air defences have grown to the point that Israeli air strikes would prove a costly exercise in futility.
Instead, and in keeping with Israel’s regional role as the schoolyard bully, the following is a much more plausible scenario. Ed.

Chris Tomson — Al Masdar News Aug 28, 2017

Israel has stepped up its game regarding the conflict in neighboring Syria, threatening to launch pinpoint airstrikes on the palace of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad if Tehran is to intervene further in the conflict, the Al-Jadida newspaper reported earlier today.

In addition, Israel said it was willing to cancel the de-escalation deal that covers Quneitra and Daraa province, brokered by the United States and Russia during the Astana talks earlier this year.

The warnings occurred in a meeting between Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. Tel Aviv appears to be distressed by the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) rapid advances in central Syria that seemed to have secured the future of Bashar Al-Assad for good.

Israel continues to occupy a large part of the Golan Heights while the SAA and Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have clashed repeatedly in 2017, exchanging artillery fire and breaching each other’s airspace with drones and jets.



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