Globalist Traitors Replace Canada’s Founding People


October 28, 2017


(The message here is that people of European origin will be a minority.) 
Racist Elite Discriminates Against Whites
Canada was founded and built by people of European origin. 
However, by mid-century, they will be a minority. 
In the last 50 years,  immigrants of Asian origin have climbed from 5% to 48% of the total, while immigrants of continental European origin have dropped from 50% to 21%. Who made this decision and why? 
“Canadians are dumb driven cattle, obediently following their leaders while casting a wistful glance over their shoulder at what they might have been.”  Historian A.R.M Lower (1889-1988)
Canadians! Phone your Members of Parliament, especially Trudeau and Scheer.
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 
The 2016 census released Wednesday documents the racist Illuminati (Masonic Jewish banker) policy to make Europeans a minority in Canada.  In the last 50 years, immigrants of Asian origin have climbed from 5% to 48% of the total, while immigrants of Continental European origin have dropped from 50% to 21%. Immigrants from the British Isles have dropped from 30% to 7%, and US from 9% to 3%.
“More than 60 percent of new immigrants come from Asia (including the Middle East), by far the largest source. Africa, however, has now surpassed Europe as the second-most important source of new immigrants, increasing to 13.4 percent.”
Canada’s visible minority population has jumped from 4.7% in 1981 to 22% in 2016 and is expected to reach 34% in 2036. Europeans will certainly be a minority by 2050 and they are already a minority in Toronto and Vancouver.
Meanwhile, the census reveals that the aboriginal birthrate is four times that of the rest of the population. They and immigrants tend to be traditional, immune to Justin Trudeau’s white depopulation program (i.e. mainstreaming homosexuality and feminism) which further justifies immigration.

Justin Trudeau (1).jpg

(Justin Trudeau, globalist traitor) 
All in all, Canada has accepted 1.2 million immigrants in the last five years alone. It is reasonable to expect that immigration would reflect the demographic character of a country. But the Masonic Jewish bankers that run the West see whites as a threat to their hegemony and consider a fragmented divided society easier to control. Thus, unlike Israel, the future capital of the NWO, Western nations are not allowed to keep their racial character or culture. 
I think immigrants revitalize a country but that applies to European immigrants as well. The demographic character of a country should not be altered without democratic debate. There has been none. The media is a dog that won’t hunt. There hasn’t even been any reaction to Wednesday’s alarming census results from whites who willingly watch their children become a minority. The only thing that stirs Canadians to rebellion is a rumour of a tax increase.
No self-respecting country in Asia, Africa or South America would countenance such an invasion, but Westerners are expected to grin-and-bear-it at risk of being smeared as “racist” by the closet-communists in charge. A conversation about whether whites are to become a minority in Canada is long overdue.

Immigrants cost $23B a year: Fraser Institute report

People of European origin are also in deep decline in Canada in terms of culture, says Mike, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.  
by Mike
An on-going war is being waged against the European race in Western Societies. It suffices to look around you, listen to the mass media and watch the news – the NWO agenda is being fully implemented as we speak.
I’ve been living in Canada for 15 years now. My wife and I came here as white legal landed immigrants from Eastern Europe with our own money and our professional skills.
We’ve been trying to foster and teach our kids those family values and ties that Eastern/South-eastern Europeans are known for – so far so good with positive results.  But……what one can see here in Canada is in a severe state of decline and degeneration of the white race.


Many of them have tattoos all over their bodies and remind one of some snakes or lizards; many of them are morbidly obese, lazy and totally disoriented. Trying to have a conversation like this one with an ordinary white Joe from Canada is usually a waste of time.
You either encounter a totally obtuse person with an evident lack of education/interest/information, or you touch some kind of an invisible wall made of fear and ignorance.
Family values lie in ruins. It’s all about YOURS, MINE, and the “After us, the deluge” attitude. Thanks to the aggressive Nazi-style feminism in full swing, many white men turn to Asian women as their prospective partners for life, because white women have grown distant, cold, selfish & lazy.
I think at this moment Canada probably represents the most successful NWO product/experiment so far. The bankers and their lackeys fixed the last federal elections and enabled a complete idiot and charlatan, Justin Trudeau, to seize power and plunge this beautiful country into debt and further impose a collective guilt onto the white people of the European origin(s).
Stephen Harper before him had already brought in about 500-600 thousand Filipinos – a low quality, but cheap labor (they don’t stay cheap for too long, they learn their immigration and “diversity” lessons fast). We bow to the aboriginal Indians, Jews (Israel), homosexuals & colored immigration every day, with the CBC News as a torch-bearer.


(Gay Pride, Toronto.)
We are creating the third gender, legalizing marijuana and other drugs and make such a tremendous and hastily pass the Physician-Assisted Death bill – so they can start killing us legally.   As one of the so-called “G7” countries, Canada Immigration and the Canadian Government are importing en masse black “doctors” from Africa to treat Canadians, as well as homosexuals, war criminals, and other third world scum. They usually come to Canada unchecked and begin DEMANDING their rights given to them by P.E. Trudeau, the father of Justin Trudeau, a Freemason, and creator of the venomous “Charter of Rights.”
I have to say (though I hope I’m wrong) that with the mental and moral state of the white population in Canada at the moment, I see no potential for any reversal of the white race’s steep slope of decline.
At least not in Canada and most likely not in the USA. There is simply too much of a social & economic decay, materialism, “Judeo-Christian” propaganda and fear.
(from July 5, 2016)
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